Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Happy times!

This is just a quick post!
My blog is like a diary so I want to note this down :)

So why am I happy?
I have 3 conditional offers from Universities (One more to go, as I only chose 4 options), I've gone up a cup size ;), my dad just bought me a new bra (Might sound weird to some? haha), my dad just bought my London trip snacks which include BBQ Rib Doritos! anddd the big one is I got a high B in my Psychology test! This may seem like an everyday thing but it's not to me. For the last couple of months, I've been struggling with Psychology and getting really upset about it (You should know, I've mentioned it in every update post!). This goes to show that if I just revise, I can do it :)

Have a good night :D

P.S I'm extremely tempted to open those Doritios! and the wine gums... and the jelly beans. Must. Resist.


  1. yay, well done on the psychology grade :D xx

  2. eeeee I'm doing psychology at college too well done I know it's a pain at times :) xx

  3. Well done Honey! You so deserve it, you've worked so hard! What are you going to uni for? Where have you applied? Congraulations on the cup size :P xx

  4. Well done on the grade! I'm sending off my uni application tomorrow. x

  5. congrats:D, haha i'm still in generation 9:15 bras from newlook :P!xxx

  6. Hey,

    I love your blog, so I have awarded you the versatile blogger award over on my blog :) X


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