Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Avon Haul & Review

Arabian Glow Clearly Shadowed Eye Pencil - Vivacious Turquoise. The pictures are from the internet as I couldn't get the right lighting!
The pigmentation of this pencil is amazing. It glides on so smooth, is very creamy and when I rubbed my finger over it, the colour didn't just disappear. So far I am in love with this pencil and want to buy the others!

Make Me Wonder & Fire Me Up perfumes. These are my two new favourite fragrances.

Make Me Wonder is a harmony of floral and fruity notes including raspberry, blackberry, violet & vanilla. Avon describe this perfume as "Discover the secrets of Californian berries entwined with violet and rich vanilla bean...totally captivating. Oriental, fruity."

Avon describe Fire Me Up as being fruity and gourmand which is very accurate. They also describe using this scent as "Experience luscious ruby red pomegranate spiked with bold black cherry and the sensuality of amber..."

^ Sound scrumptious don't they? Oh they are.
(The packaging of these bottles are so cute! I love the colours)

Joanna bag. I love this bag as I'm an organised moo & this has so many cute pockets! You can just fit A4 sized things into the bag without the zip doing up so that should give you a clue on how big it is.


  1. Oh I love those Arabian glow eye pencils, the colours are so pigmented and vibrant! xx

  2. i have a sample of fire me up - it really like it!


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