Saturday, 31 October 2009

Miss Sporty Studio Lash Mascara - Review

I really like Miss Sporty products - I use their concealer most of the time and their nail varnishes are my favourite to use.

Last year I bought their Studio Lash mascara (£2.93), being the first plastic brush mascara I used... and the last. I've said before that I prefer 'proper' bristled brushes because they give volume and comb your lashes when applying to prevent clumps. I find that with plastic brushes, they give no volume at all and clump because the 'bristles' are plastic which makes them quite thick.
This being said, I gave it to my mum which it then sat in the bottom of her make-up bag for months and months. Earlier I decided to re-use this mascara to see if my thoughts had changed, now that I am into make-up and have a better view on products.

To me, my lashes looked very clumpy and unnatural after applying. It made my eye lashes look thick, plastic and fake. Some people may like the big fake looking lashes, but I myself, do not.
So do I still dislike plastic brushes? Defiantly!
On to the next point: The formula of the mascara - It was still wet after 10 minutes! Even now after 20 minutes it feels quite tacky.

I review products I either love or hate and normally they are products I love. If a product is nothing special then I don't review it because you want to know what is really good or what to stay clear of, not the 'mm it is alright' products - They won't help you decide to buy it or not.
I don't think I have ever done a bad review, this being the first because I can not name 3 products I hate - it rarely happens.

Some of my mums makeup - swatches

Most of my mums makeup bag consists of old cheap makeup which I have gave her because I don't want it anymore, but there are a few items which are quite nice - mainly because me or my nan have bought them for her as she can not afford to buy luxuries for herself.

Here we have BodyShop's Liquid Lip Colour in 14 Bronzed, Maybelline's Lip Gloss in 05 Fuchsia Jewel, Primark's Lip Gloss in Sundae and Maybellines Watershine Lipstick in 110 Sequin Mauve.
My mum has had the Maybelline Lip Gloss and Lip Stick for years so I don't think these products are available any more although I think I have seen the Lip Stick on Ebay.

BodyShop's Eyeshadow's in 15 Pebble Grey and 31 Peacock Green. Peacock Green on top in swatch.
I really like these eye-shadows.

Collection 2000's Dazzle Me's in 6 Fairy Dust and 9 Enchanted.

Friday, 30 October 2009

A few more things I have my eye on...

Seen in Tesco for £13 something. The handles are made out of bamboo and loads of people rave about the brushes! Also comes with a little brush roll to keep them safe :) 5 brushes and a roll for that price is pretty darn good - just over a few pounds for each brush :)

£5.99. I should start using a moisturiser more often.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Body Shop's Lip & Cheek Stain

01 Rose Pink

What they say: For a natural looking just blushed glow to the cheeks or just bitten in to a strawberry lips this double -duty product is a must have for the make-up bag. The more you sweep it on, the deeper it gets.

What I say: I have been using my mums for a while now (Since beginning of this year) and normally I wouldn't spend this much on a lip/cheek product but I really like it and have no hesitations of purchasing this myself. The colour in the tube does look quite frightening but when you apply it, it looks very natural.

On the lips: It looks like you have naturally pigmented lips and to get a more intense look, just build up the colour. It looks so natural because it is a stain and doesn't look like you have slapped a load of make-up on. The lasting power is very good as well because it is a stain. I remember applying it one day at about 7am and you could still see the product at 12pm (I didn't check after that so I don't know how much longer it stayed on for). The product obviously did wear away a little but because it was a stain, it still looked natural and didn't give me lipstick lines.
On the cheeks: This does look very scary to put on your cheeks but it blends really well and gives a naturally flushed look.

I personally love this product :)

New Obsession

I've recently been loving anything to do with owls, especially these:

The first three necklaces are from Accessorize and the last one I found on Ebay. I think their so cute!

Aren't these adorable?

Look how pretty this cake is!

^ This then got me searching for 'Amazing birthday cakes' & I was blew away by the cakes I saw - They were fantastic. So I ended up distracted and hungry :/

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Republic Haul :)

Here are a few tops I ordered yesterday from Republic. Delivery is very fast :). Unfortunately I ordered a third but has not arrived because it is out of stock :( Republic should refund my money as soon as possible.
I don't have much money so headed for the sale section. I found:

This top - £5 down from £15. They only had it in a size 6 but I wanted it anyway :) The good thing is that it is an oversized top so it still fits me perfectly!

& This T-shirt. £5 also down from £15.

The other top I was meant to get was £5 down from £25! It was really nice as well :(
I won't be going on Republic's website for a while now because I have no money and don't want to be looking at things I can not have. They will also be sold out by the time I do have money.

Avon Haul

Wooden Cushion Brush

£4 normally £6

Advance Techniques Intense Repair Overnight Treatment Elixir

Half price £3
Review coming up shortly :)

Double Sharpener
I love that this has a lid - Small things amuse me :)

Monday, 26 October 2009


Here are a few photo's of my gorgeous puppy Jessie :)

Back paws forward!

A little sleepy :)

Awr! You can see that this one and the next two are of her when she was younger.

This is Shadow our Lab (About 12 years) & Jessie :)

I want! I mean I would like :P

Republic dress - I want soooo bad!

Another Republic dress which I am in love with!

There are about 20 more dresses I want from Republic but I am not going to put them all on here! I also want loads of their hoodies too!

BaByliss Porcelain Curling Wand.

The Original Sleek Palette - I would use all these colours. Really excited to use as I don't wear eye shadows much.

AVON Solutions Pure Pore-Fection Self Foaming Cleanser


First of all the packaging, its simple which I like and has a pump for the product to come out of. The pump makes it so easy to use - I can be quite lazy and normally can not be bothered to open a lid, squeeze the product out and then foam it up.

Which brings me on to my next point: Its self foaming which means I don't have to do it! Little things like that makes all the difference to me. The actual product itself is very light and when massaging in to the skin, you can barely feel its there - I sometimes leave it on while washing my hair out and forget I have it on because its so light.

The cleanser does a good job, like a cleanser should - removes dirt & makeup and my skin does feel fresh & clean. Its hard for me to tell if a product reduces shine on my skin but I think this product does make a difference.

Over all: I really like this product :) I will be re purchasing this as well as Avon's Anew 2 in 1 cleanser as they are the best cleansers I have used. Hats off to Avon :)

Sunday, 18 October 2009

16th & 17th October - Sorority Row, Belly Piercings, Jeans...

What a weekend! Friday we went to Pizza Hut & Cinema for our friends 17th. Pizza Hut was awesome, not to mention delicious! We then went to see Sorority Row. I love horror films so really enjoyed this. The most jumpy film I can remember ever watching - I wouldn't put my feet on the ground and screamed about ten times. I think whoever watches the cinema cameras will piss themselves laughing. Great film but I wish the ending was better. We then missed the last bus, walked ages to find a taxi. One taxi driver wanted us to pay £20! We then told this other taxi driver how much they wanted and he said he charges £11, so we chose him to take us home. But before we went home, our taxi driver got out and started having a go at the other one and saying 'You ******* foreigners! Go back to your own country. ******* £20...' Etc etc... Ha, so yeah, eventful night.

The next day me and two friends went in town. They both got their belly buttons pierced! I had to keep telling them it was alright and is over within a few seconds. I went in with one to see how they did it because when I got mine done, I was too scared to look (2 1/2 years ago). It wasn't bad at all! I can get squeamish about things but this was fine and it literally took a few seconds and we were out.

Next I bought a few pairs of jeans in Primark. A guy who I know served me so I'm glad I wasn't buying underwear, it would have been a little awkward. Both these pairs were £8:

This pair is really tight! Took me half an hour to do them up! These must be a verrryyyy small size 8. Even though they're tight, I still love them, but the next pair I get will have to be a size 10. These are called Light Wash Skinny Jeans if you're interested.

I also got some dark skinny jeans. These are not as tight and fit perfectly even though these are also a size 8.

I then bought a few folders (4 to be exact :P) from Wilkinsons for school. The spotty ones were 95p each and the pink ones were 75p each.

Hope you enjoyed :)

Monday, 12 October 2009

A BIG Thank You

Thank Youuuu!

Just over 100 followers!
Although, to be honest, I'm not that bothered on how many followers I get. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't thank you all enough! But I appreciate the comments a lot more and the people who do actually read my posts.
As I've said time and time before, I still am not able to do a contest as I don't have much spare money these days - But I promise, I WILL have one. I don't like the idea of only one person winning though. So I could do one prize for 10 people? Or a few prizes for one person? What do you think? I know which one I would prefer!
So as I can not do a contest just yet, you can ask me ANYTHING. ( I know its not as exciting as a contest! But 10/10 for efforts? :P )
Leave a comment below if you want to ask me a question and I'll answer them in another post. Please do comment, as I don't want to be answering one question - How cool would I look then? Haaaa.

Thank you again! Bye :)

My Favourite Body Butter

Presenting, the one, the only: Body Treatment Body Butter!
This is a body butter I use all the time. It smells amazing, is really thick and creamy which I love and leaves your skin super soft. This comes in other fragrances as well including coconut and strawberry.
It is the size of a large Body Shop's body butter, it works just as well, smells exactly the same... so whats the difference between the two? Oh yes, how could I forget? The price! So do you think this beauty is higher or lower than a £12 body butter from The Body Shop? ...
This blog isn't called Affordable Treats for nothing - Of course its lower!
The price might surprise you, it certainly did me...
97p! I bought this around a year ago for no particular reason and I certainly didn't think it would be any good for the ridiculous price. I was proven wrong and have been in love ever since. The price occasionally changes but the highest I have seen it go to is about £1.15? & that's still as cheap as chips!

This can be found at Wilkinsons. I haven't seen this anywhere else yet, but you never know, it could be staring me in the eyes every time I walk in to Superdrug.

Are there any products you use that don't get the publicity?

Friday, 9 October 2009

Accessorize & Primark Haul

Town today :) Although I have been getting more money, I am still skint? & I have only been buying things I need :S

Accessorize: ( For friends birthday present )

Purse £8. A lot nicer in real life! It has sparkly bits on it :)

Earrings £5

Cute little note pad! £2.50

Primark: Winter Shop :)

Ankle socks & normal socks £2 each

Long white knitted scarf £6

2 pack of gloves £1

Mens large gloves £2. These are soooo warm! Inside they have like a thick fleecy cushion material. These will certainly keep me nice and warm and I think they are a lot better than the womens gloves at Primark as their not about looking cute, their about keeping you as warm as possible.

Have a good weekend! My plans: Watch a few new cartoon films that have been out & write my christmas lists! These will include: Who to get for, money spent on each person and what to get them! :)

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Avon Haul & New Phone

Solutions Pure Pore-Fection Self-Foaming Cleanser £1.50, Solutions Plus Total Radiance Skin Refining Clay Mask £1.50, Glazewear Dimensions Lipstick in Nude Gold and Sequins Pink £4.50 each, Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick in Iced Coffee £3.25.

From top to bottom: Iced Coffee, Iced Coffee blended out, Sequins Pink, Nude Gold.

I've just sent the lipsticks back because Iced Coffee isn't my kind of colour and Nude Gold & Sequins Pink are not that pigmented. Plus I hardly ever wear lip products and regret getting them!

I can not wait to try out the cleanser and clay mask - reviews will be coming up :)

I also got a new phone today: Samsung Genio Touch. This phone comes with my contract and is known as the budget touch phone for young teenagers. I agree, this phone is cheap and will appeal to the younger market as you can change the back of the phone to different colours. It is quite a good phone so far and I don't mind that it only has a 2mp camera because I don't use the cameras on phones. If this phone had a better camera, it would be absolutely amazing for people who do use them. I have changed the back cover to black because I only like black sleek phones.

I read some reviews on this phone but you can not really go by these as this phone only came out last month so no one can properly review it. The main things said about this phone is the price and camera. Someone also said that the speaker isn't very loud? They can not be more wrong - its really loud!

So far, I reaaaally like this phone! I think it should be a lot more expensive than its price tag.

:) x

Monday, 5 October 2009

Small Hair Care Haul

After school this afternoon I popped into Superdrug :)

I bought VO5 Deep Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner 99p each (I'm trying to find out if these products are tested on animals before I use them - Edit: They are not tested on animals, along with Tresemme as they are both owned by Alberto Culver), Coconut & Sweet Almond Deep Conditioner £1.95 - I normally buy these kinds of deep conditioners from Boots but there isn't a shop near me. The last thing I bought was a pack of hair grips £1.27.

Hope your having a nice day :)

Sunday, 4 October 2009

No7 Damson Dream

No7 Damson Dream 105 Nail Colour. This colour is gorgeous! - A deep berry purple with red reflects. Perfect for Winter. Below are quite a few photos of the nail varnish because it was hard trying to capture the true colour on camera.


Thursday, 1 October 2009

Nails Of The Week

I thought I'd show you what colour nail varnish I've been wearing this week as I have had a lot of compliments on it ^^. The colour is an Asda George nail varnish in Mocha Ice. Its like a pearly shimmery light creamy beige kind of colour?

Hair cut tonight :)
I can not wait for this week to be over, 9 kitten deaths and early yesterday morning I had the worst pain in my stomach. I couldn't move, I was screaming and crying - I actually thought I was going to die. So that really was the cherry on top of this amazing week. Not.

The weekend is here! Whats everyone doing? :)

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