Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Want to win £40,000?


If you've logged into Paypal recently, you would have seen a notice stating 'Win £40,000!'. Skipped past this thinking 'Yeah right'? Think again!

Everytime you purchase something online with your Paypal account, you will be entered into a weekly draw to win £40,000. The more you buy, the more chances you'll have. Great excuse to treat yourself eh? ;)

Enter now for your chance to win: www.paypal.co.uk/win

(Find out more: https://www.paypal-marketing.co.uk/win/terms/)


Now onto the fun part, what would you spend it on?!

I'm the kind of person who loves to write lists so before I started spending, I would write down what I wanted. Scrap that, before I even wrote a list, I would run around the house screaming and shouting in a language that doesn't exist on earth. Back to the list! Being the nice daughter that I am :P I would give my parents quarter of the money. I would then save £20,000 (I'm such a boring spender!) and spend £10,000 on a laptop, camera, clothes, clothes and clothes. Oh and make-up, of course.


You can buy whatever you please for a chance to win the prize and if you win the prize, you can buy more! Here are a few ideas:

First off, Asos http://www.asos.com/:

ASOS One Long Sleeve Fitted Waist Dress £38

ASOS POLLY Leather Court Shoes in Taupe £65. I've wanted some nude heels for ages!

ASOS Canvas Strapping Bag £55. I LOVE big bags :)

ASOS Saddle Padlock Shoulder Bag £30. Yes another bag haha

ASOS Deep Blue Skinny Jeans £30


And from Boots http://www.boots.com/:

Urban Decay Naked Palette £27.50. Of course ;)

Bourjois Little Round Pot Eyeshadow in Beige Rose £5.99. Great highlight colour.

Extracts Fairtrade Vanilla Body Butter 200ml £7.75. I LOVEE vanilla and I prefer body butter to moisturiser. 

Frontcover Mermaid Dreams Set £26. Great Christmas present for someone *hint hint*

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner £3.59. I've had bottles of this, it smells amazing and leaves your hair ultra soft!



Please leave me a comment saying what you'd spend the prize on, I would love to know :) and remember, the more you 'treat yourself' the higher your chances are at winning :)






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Monday, 29 November 2010

Nails Of The Week!

I've previously done a 'Nails Of The Week' post using this nail polish but you can never have enough swatches!

I love this colour


Saturday, 27 November 2010

November Favourites

I rarely write 'monthly favourites' posts because I tend to stick to the same products so every month would be very similar!

  • TRESemmé Smooth Silk Shine Finishing Spray (Post here)
  • TRESemmé No Frizz Smoothing Serum (Post here)
^ These two products have made my hair unbelievably smooth and shiny. My hair has always been in good condition and now it's in the best condition of my life!

  • Nubar 2010 (Post here)
^ This is just beautiful. Reflective glitter flakes. It looks best over dark colours, the other week I put it over Barry M's Indigo and it looked stunning. Unfortunately I couldn't get any photos because of the dark evenings we are getting and it doesn't show up well with a flash on.

  • Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Mystic Mauve (Post here)
^ I never thought I'd like a Mauve lipstick. This is a cooled toned pink with mauve undertones and is perfect for everyday wear.

  • Sleek Original Palette (Post here)
  • First Light Cosmetics Mineral Blush in Kohilo (Post here)
^ I don't change the products I use very often, boring I know! and I've been using these products daily for quite some time.
I don't wear eyeshadow on my lids much but I wear it on my lower lash line. I've been using this palette everyday and as eyeliner, they stay put all day. I tend to combine the navy, blue and purple.

I've been using the Kohilo blush everyday for a month and a half haha! The shimmer is so fine, it doubles up as a highlighter and gives the most beautiful glow.


Sunday, 21 November 2010

MeMeMe Nail Polish- Swatches and Review

Refined, Wild, Exotic, Vivacious, Demure, Impulsive, Proud.

Top to bottom: Refined (Can hardly see), Wild, Exotic, Vivacious and Demure.

Proud and Impulsive.

Price: £4.50 each.

Demure and Refined are from the Classic collection whilst the rest are from the Catwalk collection.

The brush is wide (Can cover my baby finger) which some may like but I had to get used to it. Refined and Impulsive were quite streaky but I find that most pastels and yellows are. Apart from that, the formula is fine.

£4.50 for 12ml is affordable, I'm just not sure if I like the brush and no colours particularly stand out to me (I really dislike the colours of Proud and Impulsive and the others are colours you can get from any brand)

You can buy these from MeMeMe Cosmetics or Superdrug.


Saturday, 20 November 2010

Little shop!

I haven't been in town for ages! For the last couple of months I've had to buy school revision books and equipment but from now on, the money I earn can be spent on myself :)
I love this time of the year as all the Christmas stalls are out with pretty scarves (3 for £5, getting some next time), home made fudge and massive frying pans filled with noodles, chicken and all things yummy.
I'm in desperate need of a whole new wardrobe and I'm slowly getting there. Next week I'll buy a coat, week after, jeans, then hoodies, then tops, then underwear.

H&M T-shirts- 2 for £7.99
Primark grey pumps- £4
Primark thermal socks- £2.50 for 2 pairs. Love these, they're so thick and warm!
Primark balconette purple lace bra- £5
Primark plunge grey lace bra- £5

There are tons of pjs I want from Primark, including snoopy ones. The night wear is the best part of Primark :)


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Happy times!

This is just a quick post!
My blog is like a diary so I want to note this down :)

So why am I happy?
I have 3 conditional offers from Universities (One more to go, as I only chose 4 options), I've gone up a cup size ;), my dad just bought me a new bra (Might sound weird to some? haha), my dad just bought my London trip snacks which include BBQ Rib Doritos! anddd the big one is I got a high B in my Psychology test! This may seem like an everyday thing but it's not to me. For the last couple of months, I've been struggling with Psychology and getting really upset about it (You should know, I've mentioned it in every update post!). This goes to show that if I just revise, I can do it :)

Have a good night :D

P.S I'm extremely tempted to open those Doritios! and the wine gums... and the jelly beans. Must. Resist.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Nails Of The Week!

I'm not happy with these photos :/

This is Barry M's Nail Paint in Indigo, one of the newest additions to the family.
This colour is dark, but bright for how dark it is, get me? It has some 'umph' to it.
It's the perfect combination of blue and purple but my camera isn't capturing it well. It's not as blue as the photos suggest.

I realised I didn't have an Indigo or Navy in my collection so off I popped to Superdrug. I went straight to the Barry M stand as they never disappoint!
Barry M also have a colour called 'Navy' but it has fine shimmer and is too dark for what I was looking for.


Monday, 15 November 2010

TRESemmé No Frizz Smoothing Serum

Price: £4.29 or currently on offer 2 for £6 at Superdrug.

'Helps to instantly smooth and calm frizz, leaving hair softer and healthier with great shine. Also helps protect hair before and after drying and helps prevent split ends.'

When I hear the word 'serum' I instantly think 'miracle in a bottle!' as I'm sure most of us do. With those claims ^ this certainly sounds like one.
These products are always hard to review because how do you know it protects your hair before and after drying? and helps prevent split ends? You don't, but you know it's doing something.

I pump two pumps into the palm of my hand and with the ends of my hair, I 'paint' (The ends of my hair are the brush and the serum is the paint, kapeesh?)
You expect a product like this to feel greasy, but it isn't. First of all you think it's greasy, because it's a liquid, but it leaves no greasy residue on your hands.

Instantly, my hair feels extremely soft and feels/looks healthy.
This product just works.
I don't know if it protects my hair or prevents split ends, but I know it's doing something positive and I'm going to continue using it :)


Collection 2000 Extreme 24hour Felt Tip Liners - Review and Swatches

Left to right: Black, Blue, Purple, Teal.

Price: £2.99 each

Collection 2000 say:
Be bold, bright and beautiful!
The fast drying versatile felt tipped pens give your makeup look an instant burst of colour.
Easy-to-apply felt tip nib for all day long lustrous looking eyes.
Set trends with four intense, high powered hues including purple, blue, teal and black.

The felt tip design makes these easy to apply and the colours are highly pigmented (Apart from the black, which isn't as intense as I would like it to be). A quality we all look for in a product is it's staying power and these certainly have that, so much so that these leave a slight stain.

The swatches above show the liners normally, and then the result of rubbing forcefully (No jokes please!) and lastly the result of wiping (Again, forcefully) with a facial wipe. You can see the stain they have left on my arm.

These stains can probably be removed with a lot of force and products, but I don't think this will be good for your eye area.

I love the price, felt tip design, colours, pigmentation, staying power, but not the stain afterwards!

For £2.99 though, I would definitely try these out.

UPDATE: I've been wearing the black and it's so easy to use, lasts all day and doesn't stain, definitely a new favourite :)


Saturday, 13 November 2010

Nubar 2010 Preview

This is just a preview because I want to take more photos but couldn't wait to show you!

Nubar 2010 is £6.80 on Feel Unique's website but I had 20% off :)

They're not very good so that's why I want to take more in the next week. The reflective flakes main colours are copper and green but other colours sneek their way in, in certain lighting (Looks pink on my blue nail at the moment)

Gorgeous isn't it?
You will be seeing more of this in the next few days :)


Someday Summary

Hello my lovelies! Hope you're doing well :)

This week has been a happier one for me, woop!

Purchase of the week:
Sleek haul and Nubar 2010 (Which has already arrived). Later today I might do a quick preview post on Nubar 2010 because I have some photos, but I would like to get better ones :)
Sleek's 50% off sale... woaaah, what a curfuffle! Because thousands of people were trying to get on the site, it was going extremely slow, kept crashing and was emptying baskets. Sleek received a lot of abuse, which I think was unfair (But then again, people were trying to order for hours/days so I can understand their annoyance) and they were giving us 50% off! We're lucky we got anything at all! Sleek were kind enough to give us an extra day of the sale. Next time I think they should give each time zone a different sale day, then we're not going to have America, United Kingdom and Europe all trying to get on the site at once.

Food of the week:
Not technically a food but BBQ sauce! So good!

High point of the week:
I've had quite a few actually :) I received a cardigan and silver button necklace from Tesco, my Nubar 2010 arrived (I keep mentioning this haha) and this morning I received a hugeee package from Superdrug. Included was 6 Maybelline lipsticks, 2 Maybelline eyeshadows, Maybelline mascara, 7 Mememe nail polishes, 4 Collection 2000 mascaras and 4 Collection 2000 felt tip eyeliner pens. Reviews coming soon (Lipsticks reviewed in previous post)

Oh and I've made $22.20 commission from people using my Sigma link when purchasing! I'm so happy!

Another high from this week is Psychology! This has been in my low points for weeks and although I haven't improved much yet, I'm making progress. I won a game in Psychology as I answered all the questions right and although this doesn't seem like a big deal, it is to me. Another thing is that I had my first mentor meeting with my Psychology teacher Thursday (One on one help) and we decided that my good qualities are: I understand the work, I'm focused in class and I'm organised. My bad quality is that I'm not motivated at home, so we've come up with a few techniques to help this :)

Low point of the week:
Tons of homework and RAIN D:

We heart it time:




Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipsticks - Review & Swatches

I've been wanting to try these for ages, so I'm happy I now have six of the beauties!

Coral Tonic, Darling Pink, Mystic Mauve, Pink Brown, Coral Pearl, Kiss Pearl

Lip balm applied prior to wearing lipsticks:

Coral Tonic

Darling Pink

Mystic Mauve

Pink Brown

Coral Pearl

Kiss Pearl

'Maybelline Colour Sensation Lipstick is a colour sensational. Crisp Colour from our pigment technology. Creamy feel, enriched with honey nectar. Intensify your lip colour with our captivating shades. It's the colour of right now.'

These are £6.99 each (Pearl finishes are £7.19) and come in over 30 shades!

I love love love the packaging.

They are pigmented, creamy and moisturising; all round good lipsticks and I definitely recommend them :)

Friday, 12 November 2010

TRESemmé Smooth Silk Shine Finishing Spray

Price: £4.29

'Revives tired hair, adding shine. Its lightweight formula tames frizz, without leaving hair feeling greasy.'
Since using the TRESemmé Smooth range, my hair has been unbelievably soft! My hair has always been soft but it's in a league of it's own now :)
You only need one distant spray of this, maybe two if you want to do the bottom of your hair as well. Too much of this, like most products, could leave your hair looking greasy.
This product leaves my hair shiny and feeling ultra soft. Because you only need a couple of sprays with each use, this product will last an extensive amount of time.
So if you would like shiny, soft hair for a reasonable price, I definitely recommend this :)

Tesco 'Post it on'

Tesco have created this tag and the Blogger tagged gets to choose something from the clothing range and blog about it. The beautiful Natalie from Beauty has no label nominated me to pass the tag on to! Thank you so much Natalie :) Please go and have a look at her blog, she is absolutely gorgeous and if you don't believe me, take a look at a few of her FOTD's!

My clothing style is casual and simple and I've wanted to get a knitted cardigan for a while so that is what I chose!

It's a weird material and for some reason I was expecting a different type of material but I like it :) It also has silver threading to give it a little more 'umph' if you know what I mean. You can choose between grey and cream and it is priced at £16. Click here to take a look :)

There are multiple items which I am tempted to get; gladiator stilettos, ankle boots, bobble hat and ear muffs!
You know the rhyme 'So-and-so go to Tesco's, to buy all their best clothes'? This applies to me! They have a wonderful line of clothes.

Tesco were sweet and sent me this too:
Sterling silver button necklace! I love it :)

Thank you Tesco and of course, thank you Natalie :)


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Thank you TRESemmé!

My luck has been unbelievable recently! Some people may be annoyed? But just remember, I can't help being randomly selected!
TRESemmé have recently set up a Twitter account and to celebrate, were giving hampers away everyday for a week. The last night to win was Sunday and I won it!
I got products from the smooth range, which is the range I wanted!
Left to right: Shampoo, conditioner, straightening spray, styling spray, finishing spray, finishing cream and serum.
I'm not sure how to use a few of the products properly, like the cream for example but I can't wait to try these out!
I've never used finishing or styling sprays so it's exciting to try new products (I'm sure most beauty junkies will agree.)
I doubt TRESemmé will read this but if you are, thank you so much!


Sunday, 7 November 2010

It's the simple things...

Vaseline Rosy Lips Tube.

I love Vaseline Rosy Lips but I never used it as I hate tins of lip balm. The product gets under my nails and I never have anywhere to wipe my finger after applying.

So I was happy to see that Vaseline have brought out tube versions!

You get less product than the tins but personally, this isn't a problem as I know I'll use this more.
The tubes are £1.99, which is more expensive than the tins but again, I don't mind as I will use it more, meaning I'll get more of my moneys worth :)
I also want to get the Cocoa Butter tube.

Nails Of The Week!

ASOS Paint in Gwen.

Yes another ASOS Paint! I love them, the formula is perfect.

When I ordered my ASOS Paints, Gwen went in the basket just because it was on sale, I wasn't excited to wear it. But I'm so glad I ordered it because it's beautiful. It's actually my favourite colour out of all the ASOS Paints I ordered :)


Friday, 5 November 2010

RIP Snappy

No one likes reading these posts, they're upsetting but I've wrote posts for my other deceased animals and do not want to be disrespectful to Snap. Also, my blog is made up of things I love, so my animals are going to be on here.

We got Snap and his brother Crackle (Snap, crackle, pop) about 15 years ago. Sadly Crackle went out one day and never came home.
For the majority of his life, Snap wasn't friendly. He would get into fights and have a go at our other cats. In the last year and a half he completely changed, he would love us stroking him and he was nice to the other cats (Even let our youngest cat take his food, which he NEVER does). He was going strong up until a few days ago. His body started to shut down, he went very thin and wasn't eating or drinking. I even tried feeding him chicken, which he normally wolfs down but he physically couldn't eat it.
Last night he passed away, at 15 years old on the 4th November 2010. RIP Snap, we'll miss you greatly.

If you have animals you will know that they are not just animals, they are apart of the family.


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