Thursday, 9 September 2010

First Light Cosmetics Review

I was recently sent a few products from First Light Cosmetics. I got to choose what I wanted which I think is a bonus as sometimes companies can send you a shade that isn’t suited for your skin tone.

First Light Cosmetics are a company that sell 100% mineral make up.

First Light say: “First light products are completely natural and 100% free of the chemicals and preservatives that are used to “fill out” many other cosmetics.

“And Our minerals are not only free of all the nasty stuff, they are also healing and caring, hypo-allergenic, noncomedogenic and protect from the effects of pollution and sun damage with a natural level of SPF.”

Sounds pretty good!

I’ve also noticed that you get more product with First Light than other mineral brands, which is always a plus! Mineral make up can last for a good amount of time as you need so little, and with First Light giving you more, it’ll last you even longer, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

The products came in this gorgeous pouch (Produced by disadvantaged women. First Light are committed to “helping women in economically disadvantaged parts of the world to develop their own commercial enterprises.”) Which I think is a thoughtful touch. You know how we all like pretty packaging!

The first product I chose was the Perfect Finish in Air Kiss. I’ve wanted to try a product like this for a while so this was a definite must have!

First Light claim: “Made of the finest, lightest minerals, our “Perfect Finish” powder gives the airbrushed effect you've been waiting for! Dust over your make up to perfect your look & keep in your handbag to keep the shine off all day long. Perfect Finish works by absorbing excess oil and reducing the appearances of pores, imperfections and fine lines. It can also work as a foundation if you want a more transluscent look.”

“Air Kiss: A perfect transluscent finish suitable for all skin tones.”

My thoughts: If a product claims to make me look flawless, my ears perk up and listen closely.

Here is the before and after photos: (I'm sorry for the messy hair.. and genetics :P)

Bare face, with Perfect Finish. The after photo looks lighter, I'm not sure whether this is the lighting or the product (A bit of both I presume).

I chose Air Kiss because it’s a product that will suit all skin tones.

I haven't noticed a great difference to make me go 'Oooh' and 'Ahhh' but I think it's slightly evened out my skin tone. It's similar to a normal powder, evening and 'smoothing' out your skin.

I haven’t tried ELF’s version of this ‘perfect finish’ powder so don’t know if it is any better, but with ELF you get 17.8g of product for £5 and with First Light you get 10g of product for £12.99, which is a significant difference (£8 less + 7.8g more with ELF’s version.)

Next up is one of their blushers in Kohilo. I know, I know, ANOTHER pretty candy pink! As if we need anymore! But I couldn’t resist; candy pinks lure me in as they’re just too darn beautiful!

First Light claim: “I'll have what she's having!!” Our 100% mineral blusher is as gentle as a breeze, kissing your cheek with silky sheer colour. For a natural, healthy flush that releases your inner radiance!”

Kohilo: “An air kiss of pale shimmery pink for any skin tone.”

My thoughts: Although this is described as ‘shimmery’, don’t be put off. I personally like a bit of ‘shimmy shimmy’ *do appropriate dance move* but this product’s shimmer is so finely milled, it gives you more of a sheen/glow. First Light blushes are priced at £7.99 which I think is a reasonable price as one will last you a long time.

It was hard to capture the colour on camera so I've also included a few 'face' pictures. Again it's not showing how pink this blush is but you can see the glow it gives:

EDIT: A day on and I love this blush ten times more! It's gorgeous! Gives a beautiful glow under or over the Perfect Finish.

Overall, I am really enjoying using these, you get a good amount of product and I love the packaging. Here is the website if you fancy having a browse:



  1. greaat review! really detailed :) that blush lookes absolutely GORGEOUS!

  2. Wow, Perfect Finish looks very great! I can totally see a difference between the two pictures!

    Great review (=


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