Monday, 6 September 2010

Update on my school life, interesting I know ;)

I have no idea what I'm going to write but feel the need to blog! & this is one of those posts where most of you couldn't give a monkey's ass but I like to have a little ramble :)
Ok so, I'm now in my last year of sixth form! Gosh, University is right around the corner.
I've decided to carry on with English Language, English Media and Psychology. Although I love Biology, I'm dropping it because it has so much content, it will take away my time from the other subjects.
I'm going to have to work extremely hard this year. My Psychology results were really poor which really upset me because I answered all the questions with confidence and don't know where I went wrong. I'm a good student in class and do well, but I obviously am doing something wrong in the exams. I'm getting my paper back to see where I went wrong.
I'm going to be paranoid that my teacher will see me as the dumb student from now on.
She also said that normally when students get D's/E's in AS, they normally get E's at A2, but I know I'm better than that.
I didn't revise much for AS because I didn't revise for GCSE's and got A's and B's so I thought I'd do ok. But I know now that I need to knuckle down and get revising months before the exams, not weeks before.
For the re-sits, getting my exam paper back and revision books, it's going to cost around £70.. which I don't have. I'm really going to have to scrape by and definitely won't be able to buy a laptop for school any time soon.
As for University choices... I don't want to go up North. There isn't any particular reason, I know the Universities up there are amazing, I just want to stay down South. In fact, all the Universities I want to go to are all along the South Coast haha.
For most, I need a B in English to do my chosen course (English with Media) but I only need CCD for Falmouth which is reassuring. I'm still going to try my best but it's good to know I have a back up. Falmouth is in Cornwall and is an Art University but they do English with Media. I think the entry grades are so low because it's not a popular subject choice as most people go there to do Art.

So that's it! This was just a ramble to myself to get my thoughts together, thank you for reading, if anyone has!



  1. Right around the corner for you? Dear I go to university in less than 2 weeks.
    11 days to be exact. AHHH.

    & Two E's at A-level? WHAT A STUPID BITCH. Baba people fail at AS its a wake up call to realise that they're harder than A levels and you need to work. Just work to prove her wrong. I got BCDD and I came out with ABC and the B was just off an A.

    You can do it & go wherever you want, aim high and dont let anybody tell you that you won't pass or that you haven't done very well. You can resit for a bloody good reason - that teacher needs a good slap.

    Just work everynight, i forgot my social life and worked weekends to try and get by, but its so worth it.

    I have faith in you, and you show her where to stick her 2 E's


  2. I did okay with AS this year but seeing how high entry requirements for Universities are is making me super nervous :( I'm like you, I really don't want to go further up than like Bristol and don't fancy London so I only have a few choices. Have you started your PS yet? It's a whole other world of pain! xx

  3. Well I live just outside London which has made me determined not to go there, and my aunt lives in a village called Bere Alston near Plymouth so I spend a lot of time down there. Plymouth is pretty much my first choice I think but I'm reluctant to put too much hope onto it in case I don't get an offer! I have like 2 paragraphs and can't think of anything else, bad times xx

  4. I used to live in Bere Alston! & I live in Plymouth! That's one of my first choices too. I went to the open day and was amazed for hours that they have a 4 floor library with a Cafe on top :L I'm easily amused x

  5. No way! That's so weird, it's hardly a big place. I really loved it too, especially because of how close to everything it is and all their IT facilities and everything. Would you live at home if you went there then? xx

  6. Probably :/ because I don't think I'd get a room as I live so close but I was considering living somewhere just outside the campus, I'm not sure yet. I remember when I lived in Bere Alston, there were two old twin ladies who had beards haha good times. It's a very small world! x

  7. Oh, hey! I don't know how it works in the uk, but in my country, when you went to a highschool/uni, let's say, that was specialised in something particular, like Maths (don't know why I picked this one), you'd know that the other classes that didn't relate to maths or physics etc were real bad. So I don't know if it's the case in here, but the English Media you'd wanna pick at an Arts uni might be a bit poorly taught and you'd have no competition in your class, so might get a bit lazy and if you wanna have a job in this area you might be disappointed. Sorry if the comment may seem stupid to you :D, it could be baring in mind the differences of education between countries. Anyways, you should get the ambition to prove your teacher wrong and laugh in her face. Good luck!!

  8. haha! Uni definately is NOT just around the corner for you! You still have about 375 days! I'm so scared, I leave for uni on the 25th. it's really strange cause I knew if I'd got a place at my uni before I knew my results :P and I got a D on one of my A2s but retook it and got a B soo :P stupid silly teachers don't know jack! also, don't be too scared about how it says on the news that uni choices are getting tougher and you have to meet your exact grades... my friend missed a grade and still got accepted, and I don't think there were more than a handful of students who didn't go where they wanted to :)

    hope this helps x

  9. *handful of students from my school lol. not in the country (althought that would be amazing!)

  10. Birminghamlady: No I don't think that is the case. The more popular the subject is, the higher the entry grades. One University could have really high entry grades, but that doesn't mean it's taught better, it means that it's more popular.

    EmmahLarah: Ahh good luck! :) x


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