Sunday, 19 September 2010

Simple Facial Washes

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Simple do a handful of facial washes, each suitable for a specific need (Age Resisting, Radiance Brightening, Oil Balancing, Spotless Skin) but the two above are the two main facial washes in the range.

Left- Refreshing Facial Wash Gel: "Tired skin will look revived as you gently rinse away make-up, dirt and pollution with our Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel."

Right- Moisturising Facial Wash: "To avoid tight skin after washing use our Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash for thoroughly cleansed and nourished skin."

Both are fragrance free and soap free, perfect for sensitive skin.
They also lather well and remove all traces of make up.
& you can save a few pennies with these being just £2-3 each.
If you're looking for an affordable, simple, everyday facial wash which will not irritate your skin, then these are perfect for you :)

For more information, visit Simple's website: Simple.



  1. I use the face wash gel. Its okay and cleans your face, but its not like it does much does it? Id prefer something with a bit more oomph aha xx

  2. Lisa: No it doesn't do much, but that's why I like it, it does what it's meant to do :) It may be boring but it does it's job x

  3. I found the 'moisturising' facial wash was incredibly drying on my skin, as are the rest of the supposed simple 'kind to skin' products. I'm so confused by it all x

  4. Jenny: Really? I've never heard that before, they work great on my skin x

  5. It must just be me then! I'm sure they're lovely for most people as I've read all of your (and others) reviews on Simple products and they're all raves! x

  6. I use the gel face wash, it removes make-up really well especially mascara! x

  7. I really want to try their gel facial wash! I love their cleanser and have just bought one of their toners and moisturisers to try :)

  8. I love simple products!! Their products are similar to Clarins, but with a cheaper price tag!!


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