Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Simple Derma Intensive Relief Cream

Simple Derma Intensive Relief Cream for very dry, sensitive skin prone to eczema & dermatitis.

Price: £3.99

Simple say: For skin that is very dry, sensitive or prone to itchy irritating conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. This unique and innovative Simple Derma range prepared by our sensitive skin experts, gives you immediate soothing effects and long lasting care that will calm and help relieve irritated skin.
Specially formulated with a highly effective naturally derived humectant Aquaxyl™ and Canola Oil, this concentrated, fast acting Intensive Relief Cream deeply hydrates, restoring your skin's natural moisture levels as it protects and prevents further moisture loss.
It works by wrapping a protective barrier around your skin that locks moisture in and keeps allergens and irritants out, enhancing your skin's natural barrier function and helping to restore and maintain skin health.

My thoughts: My skin is normal, and not even close to being dry but I use intense moisturising products because I want my skin to be the softest it can possibly be. I've been using this for a couple of weeks; on my neck, chest and hands. I've been using it in these places as these are the places that give away your age. I'm hoping that deep moisturising will help me age gracefully.
This cream absorbs well and leaves my skin extremely soft straight away.
How is this cream any better than the other intense moisturising products on the market? I here you ask. Well for some people, it isn't. It's just another rich cream for very dry skin. However, if you have sensitive skin this product will be beneficial to you. This product, like all other Simple products contains no perfume and no colour; the two main causes of irritation to the skin.
I have also been reaching for this over my other products because it looks and sounds professional and medical. That, and having used other Simple products, I trust what they have to offer.

Would I recommend? Yes I would :) and having just looked up the price, it's very affordable for such a great rich moisturising cream.



  1. Great review thanks for this, This sounds great to me! I have dry sensitive skin and excezma, And Im also more at risk of getting dermatitis being a hairdresser and using all the chemicals and being in-contact with water alot, so I want to prevent chances of getting that! so I definitely need this! xx

  2. My boyfriend has pretty bad eczema, and I got him the lotion version of this. It has really helped his skin, and doesn't irritate it. I might start stealing it!

    Anna x


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