Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Hello September!

It's unbelievable how fast this year is going! It's scary to think that in no time I will have finished University, have a job, be married and have children (Well this is what I want, hopefully it will happen!)
So it's time for the beginning of the month Ins and Outs post :)
I haven't even thought of what I'm going to write and at this point in time can not think of any points! Here goes:

My hair is back to how it was! This time last year I had long rich Auburn locks. For Christmas/Winter I decided to go short and dark and had my hair cut up to my shoulders and dyed my hair brown. I dyed it for four months and after March decided to go back (I only dyed it for a change anyway). Some people were saying that I would never get my natural hair colour back, but as I currently write this I have my long Auburn locks back!
The good thing is that I suit being a Brunette (Some gingers don't as it's such a drastic change in colour). A few guys actually thought I was a natural Brunette and when I told them I was ginger, they said 'No you're not' haha. Woah that's a big first point!

I've recently won some competitions so the prizes are in the post!

School starts soon. I'm not sure whether this is a good or bad thing. I absolutely HATE it but then on the other hand I want to go back, knuckle down and improve my grades.

Money. Haha this is always a point! But I need a laptop for school, so in my free periods I can get more work done and I definitely need one for University so I can type notes (I'm a really slow writer). At this rate, I will have a laptop by next Summer!
The good thing is, is that this year I'm not buying Christmas presents so can save up for the things I need. I'll also be able to buy clothes to keep me warm in the Winter. Winter is my favourite season to buy clothes for. I can't wait to buy cardigans and ankle boots!
I love buying people presents so am going to find it hard not buying for people. I will feel guilty if someone buys me something so I'm going to tell people not to buy anything for me, and if they do, I shall give it back to them haha

I've found a thread vein! I have stretch marks on my bum, I'm sure I'm getting cellulite and now a thread vein?! My nan and mum have them and I'm hoping it's not a genetic thing. They're due to lack of circulation so if I do something now, I should prevent them in the future. These features really have upset me because I have a size 8 body and don't want it ruined by these ugly things haha but I have to keep thinking that nearly every woman has stretch marks and cellulite.
If I get any stretch marks on my stomach I will actually cry and look up surgery. I'm not joking either lol, my stomach is one of my best assets. Call me vain if you like, everyone is in some way.

Okayyy I've rambled on a lot! Do you wanna know why? It's early morning, I've just had a milky coffee and have no one to talk to haha!

Thank you for reading my lovelies! If you have read through that, then I applaud you!


  1. great post sucks you can't buy anything this year but keep you eyes on your lad top

    top of the day to you !!!

  2. heyyy, relax! i've had the same problems as you did when I was in the sixth grade actually, oh god, that IS weird. i've had stretchmarks ever since, as I grew up too fast in a short period of time and I also got tons of cellulite without being fat (I'm a size 8/10) ever since also, but mine is genetic, even Dad has it and I really really hate it. But every girl, as you said, must deal with some kind of appearence problems, I think it's in our genes! :D as for presents, especially on Christmas, you can make them cards or something, I sometimes absolutely adore a card or a verrryyy little stupid thing I receive, especially when it comes to somebody I care about and if it's something to remind me of them/ some periods of our lives and so on. i got a card from my hubby on my birthday this year (that went with an actual lovely present), but I cherish that little piece o paper more than the present itself and I always end up laughing/ smiling about it, it's sooooo adorable and clumsy :D I know, it's sick :)) But guess what, it's late at night here too and I've got nobody to yap-yap with/ to :D

  3. Heyy dont worry about stretch marks, nearly everyone has them it doesnt actually mean your fat or have cellulitee its basiclaly just because your skin isnt as stretcy, use cocoa butter to lighten them, Gok wan did and epsiode on stretch marks so maybe look up that but serisouley, i bet half the people you know have them in some place :)

  4. Have a great time at school- I remember you being so down this time last year- hope it goes better this year! Emma xx

  5. I work at a salon that deals with thread veins, have a look around because if it upsets you they put a little metal rod to cut off the supply and they go away. Salons do it for around 20-40 pounds.

  6. i have stretch marks on my thighs :/, i hate them!,xx

  7. Curves ahead makeup: Thanks :)

    Birminghamlady: Thank you :) and I suppose I can make little gifts :)

    SOPHIEsticated: I'll look that up! Thanks :D

    Computergirl: I can't believe you remember! I'm actually really touched that you do as I doubt anyone else does :)

    Lisa: Really? I thought it would be a lot more expensive than that! That's always good to know if they do get worse.

    Holly: They're a pain aren't they, at least they can be covered easily :)

  8. I have stretch marks on my upper thighs and all over my bum! I'm size 8 and I'd die if I got them on my tummy too =[ my brother has like light purple stretch marks on his back.. OUCH! he's super tall soo... They really get me down too! arrrghh

  9. I have stretch marks too :(. On my back upper thighs and beginning to get them on my chest too!!! I hateee them.. :(. But by reading this it seems fairly common so I kind of feel a bit better about that?


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