Friday, 20 August 2010

Palmer's Hair Success Gro Treatment

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I haven't seen this is UK stores but I know it's available on Amazon and eBay for around £4.

You get 100g of product which is a lot and will last you quite a while.

Palmer's say: "Palmer's Hair Success Gro prevents Dry, Breaking Hair, Allows Hair to Grow Longer

Palmer's Hair Success Gro Treatment with VITAMIN E and PROTEIN coats and protects the hair shaft, prevents breakage and allows hair to grow longer. Conditions and moisturizes dry scalp."

My thoughts: The colour is a light milky orange. The smell is disgusting! Like chemical marzipan.
I first put this all over my hair just like a deep conditioner but after rinsing it out twice, my hair was still greasy. I then realised just to put it over my scalp. This helped a little with the greasiness but my hair still felt heavy and dirty.

The thing is, because this is not used all over your hair, you can not feel a difference in the softness/condition like most conditioners do. So I cannot review the difference with 'Dry, breaking hair'.
Another thing that is hard to review is if the product 'Allows hair to grow longer'. Hair grows without products anyway and if this did make a significant difference, I'm not going to know because I don't measure my hair with a measuring tape.

So overall, I don't know if this product improves the condition of my hair or helps it grow but it does smell horrible and leaves my hair greasy.
I wish I could tell if this improves my hair, but as I can't, I'm not willing to have greasy, chemical marzipan smelling hair.



  1. you should try the Lee Stafford 'for hair that never grows past a certain length'... you can tell a difference in condition straight after your bath/shower, leaves your hair feeling so silky soft! xoxo

  2. Hmmm this sounds a bit too greasy for me :/ But i might try the lee staford one :) xx

  3. chemical marzipan?! think i'll give this one a miss..thanks for the review :)

  4. all things that make your hair grow are greasy so weird I had the same problem , love to see how it works for you

  5. I did Hairdressing for a year and my tutor said that everyones hair usually has a certain point that it grows to and then after that grows really slowly but weekly hair conditioning treatments to keep hair strong and healthy, regular small trims and massaging your scalp stimulates hair to grow :) x

  6. I've used this too because although I pamper my hair it regularly splits and breaks so that in-spite of weekly conditioning treatments, serums, night serums, spray on conditioners and avoiding all heat I still need to have it hacked off to shoulder length every six months or so. I found this horribly greasey too and I'm not surprised to read that it is targeted at afro carribean hair but I saw you made a point that it is meant to be used on your scalp...without sounding like a complete idiot how did you manage to get it onto your scalp? I ask because i find it so horribly sticky that i cant imagine being able to rub it in without getting all in a tangle. On a side note I have found that the only way to remove it from my hair is with washing up liquid (not as scary as it sounds-its great for removing build up).

  7. La femme nouvelle: I put a load on my finger tips and tried to massage it right to the roots but it was ever so hard as a lot of hair became covered in it too :/ x


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