Sunday, 15 August 2010

Collection 2000 Bronze Glow Face & Body Bronzer


I was instantly attracted to this product by the packaging, embossed sun design, and size. You get 19g of product which is huge! Natural Collection's Bronzer is 10g, so this is nearly double the amount.

But sadly, I was a little disappointed. It's slightly too orange and shimmery.
It's definitely too discoball-esque for your body.
Also, I don't know whether the shade is too light, but there isn't a whole lot of colour pay off. I think it's just the shade of the product (& the ton of shimmer) as the colour is the same shade as my freckles!

Wow, it sounds like I have slated this product pretty bad! It's not awful, I love everything about it except the product haha, I would just prefer it to be more of a brown shade and slightly matte, after all, it's meant to be used for your body aswell.

It's such a shame as I absolutely adore Collection 2000 products.

Another point is that this product isn't unique as it's very similar to their Shimmering Mosaic powder. That product I like, and that's because it's marketed for giving you shimmer. You know what you're getting with it. This product has the word 'Glow' in the name and to me, 'Glow' and 'Shimmer' are completely different.

Now how many times have I said the word 'Shimmer' or 'Shimmery' in this post? haha too much I tell you!

Thank you for reading :)


  1. I swatched this in store the other day and actually thought about getting it but i wasn't sure - so glad I didn't lol
    anything orange looks horrific on me :p

  2. great review!this has been on my wishlist for a while ha thank god for your review, now i won't have a product that makes me look like an oompa-lumpa :)


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