Saturday, 21 August 2010

eBay Purchase

I've put myself on a spending ban as I have to save up for winter clothes, Christmas, birthdays, May Ball.. and the list goes on. Fortunately I ordered a few things from eBay so my need to have new things will be served for a couple of weeks haha and from then on, I'll just order tons of samples to satisfy me wanting to buy things.
Anywhoooo I bought this necklace for £1.49! Topshop have one like this on their website for £8.50 and it doesn't even look as good.
I have a thing for owls, especially since there was this stall in town and there were real owls; from massive ones to fluffy small ones. I bought an owl teddy so the money would go to the owl sanctuary. I got a cute beanbag teddy and for a good cause!

Thank you for reading lovelies,


  1. That owl teddy is so cute! Love the necklace too x

  2. I'd love to see all your ebay purchases! That necklace is lovely. I can't wait till I'm 18 and get to buy things, my mum moans though saying sometihng like it's all junk. I think you can get some pretty good things! Xx

  3. Love the necklace!
    How cute are owls :)

  4. did you get it from hong kong? hehe. I bought one exactly the same in Camden for £5! They were trying to sell it to me for £7.99 reduced from £10 and I was like nooo! hehe. You got a deal! xx

  5. I'm so impressed you managed to find that necklace for such a low price! I think I need to get myself some eBay skills.
    And I know what you mean about the owl obsession – I picked up a great owl ring from H&M the other day for about £4. YAY.

  6. As do I love love love owls?

    Check out my beauty blog, I'd love comments & emails!
    - XOXO Kasey


  7. Im on a spending ban until 24th september 2011 all my money is goin on my wedding . So i wish u luck hehe.
    Lovely necklace too :) xx

  8. Awwww both SO cute! I'm really into owls right now, haha. They're super fashionable!


  9. Aw your necklace is gorgeous, owls are really cute right now! If you have time check out my blog i'm loving yours!

    Jenn xx

  10. I'm really getting into searching ebay for bargains :)
    I love your owl necklace - but then I've always been an owl person lol, you got a great bargain!

  11. that owl necklace is super cute!come follow me xoxo

  12. So cute! Im obsessed with owls hehe!

    Tagged you on my blog girlie!:)



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