Monday, 2 August 2010

Simple's VIP of August

is me!

I'm a very happy Louise :)

Just thought I'd state this in case anyone left an offensive comment:
I was not chosen for publicity, as Simple know nothing about my blog. I was chosen as I have been a loyal VIP; referring friends, leaving comments, taking surveys and earning points.



  1. Congrats Louise. That's ace. My cousin has really sensitive skin and only used Simple. She loved it.

    ps posting the giveaway out tonight to you. Sorry it's taken so long! been a busy lady but will go post office straight from work.


  2. well done! im from the south west too :D

  3. Ooh congrats, I wonder what you have won. You'll have to take a picture x

  4. Congratulations and well done! I wish we had Simple in the States! :)

  5. wow! lucky you, I never win anything, then again, I never apply because I believe I won't win anything lol!

  6. Thank you everyone :)

    Laura: Ah that's absolutely fine! :)

    Chloe: I love finding someone else who lives close to you. Most of the blogs I read are from up north. I think I left a comment saying I lived near you but then the internet went funny so you may not of got it.

    Sophie: I will :) It's going to be like Christmas haha

    Emmmmmar: I was like that, but recently I've been applying to everything thinking 'I must win at least one' hehe


  7. congrats hun =) i love simple products, especially as i have sensitive skin and can get on with their products really well xx

  8. Bigg congractulations that is amazing :) enjoy your goodies!! :) xx


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