Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Updated Nail Polish Collection

Yesterday I sorted out my nail polish collection and ended up giving my sister 23 polishes, with me keeping 18.
The ones I gave away were mostly shimmers which is what I used to always love and buy but I'm not too keen on them now.
My collection mostly consists of pinks, which is a great excuse to buy a few more other colours ;)
I haven't got a beige, peach, lilac, purple, mint green (any shade of green actually), red, navy blue.. it's crazy isn't it!

The pretty nail file is from The Body Shop £1.50 :) Oh and the storage basket is from Wilkinsons which was under 50p.



  1. I love how you store everything... I'm going to go reorganise my collection now :D

  2. Oh I totally agree, I don't have any green nail polish (uck) and the majority is pink :)



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