Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Goals for 2010 progress

I think I was a wee bit ambitious this year.. either that or I've been completely lazy. I think it's a bit of both.

Here were my goals:
1. Go to a concert - I've never been to one! :(
2. Get a tan - Quite hard for a redhead but I shall succeed!
3. Learn to knit :)
4. Make my own jewellery
5. Buy some E.L.F products! - Have been meaning to for ageeess
6. Wear lip gloss - I never do as I always forget
7. Take more photos
8. Try a lot of Lush products!
9. Use a whole bar of soap - I don't use soap and when I do have soap, I only use it a few times so if I achieve this, I will be very proud of myself! Also gives me an excuse to buy Lush soaps!
10. Finish a tin of Vaseline - Never finished one!

& so far I've done number 5. I do have a few excuses though:
1. I haven't had the money .
2. Completely not my fault! Hello, I live in England!
3. Ahhh well this was my main one and I was so excited, I just never got round to it :/
8. None I'm interested in.
10. I HATE tins of lib balm and only use sticks so I don't know why this is on here.

Next year I'm only going to set myself achievable small things because I will have my A Level exams and will (Hopefully) be going off to University so I will be a busy bee.

So to sum up this post: I'm a big failure! :)

Have a good night x


  1. Hehe, your not a failure! I havnt done hardly any of my resolutions either :/ xx

  2. omg you have to go to a concert !!!!!

  3. don't give up i think many are very achievable goals:)xx


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