Saturday, 28 August 2010

Freebies and samples of August

Someone asked me on Formspring if I could do a post each week of the freebies/samples I've found so you guys wouldn't miss out. I, of course said yes but this month there hasn't been many to tell you guys about and the ones you are about to see are what I ordered before the request and didn't know if the offer still applied. I will start doing weekly posts next month for sure :)
I've just received today's post, and there won't be any on Sunday or Monday so the only day left of this month is Tuesday. I may as well write this now!

Hawaiian Tropic samples and coupon. How cute is this? In a little passport layout.

BodyForm pads and coupon.

Carte Noire Cappuccino and coupon. This was yummy! So frothy! I love the smell of coffee but am not so keen on the taste so I had to add sugar.

I get most of my samples from If you don't want to miss out on new samples, sign up to their site and they will email you when there are new ones.



  1. Hmmm the cappuccino sample looks yummy! I love cappuccino ^^

  2. Love Cappuccino , have a good weekend

  3. Love this post, I got the coffie one too, was very nice indeed!! xxx

  4. I always send off for freebies and samples, i love to try before i buy if possible x

  5. love the Hawaiian tropic! great post(:
    I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mine:


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