Thursday, 12 August 2010

My wee ELF wishlist!

eyes lips face - mineral makeup, mineral powder, mineral booster
Mineral Booster - Large £5

Small Angled Brush
Small Angled Brush - £3.50. I think this would be great to use with my eyebrow powder.

Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal - £1.50. A dupe for Benefit's Moon Beam (Some reviews even say it is better. That doesn't surprise me as I don't rate benefit products.)

That is it! I'm a simple one me.

I'm a wee bit strapped for cash at the moment (Like always) so I can not even afford these little beauts! :(



  1. I have the face whip I really like it hope you do too =)

  2. Ahhh im a bit obsessed with ELF, i want all these and more hehe :) xx

  3. Ooh, I want to try the facial whips - they look fab :) x

  4. I love ELF :) Ive heard great things about their studio line brushes!


  5. Ah i love Elf! I want that brush aswell.. have you tried the powder brush it's AMAZING <33


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