Friday, 13 August 2010

NYC Browser Brush-on Brow Powder with Grooming Wax and Tweezers

^ Now that's a mouthful!
I bought mine on eBay for £2 and the shade I chose was Brunette.
The brush is firm but am going to purchase a longer one just for convienience.
The powder is.. well a powder? It does it's job haha and the wax keeps your brows in place nicely.

This shade is slightly too dark for me. I was apprehensive to order Blonde as my hair is nowhere near to being Blonde but I just have (£2 again) as the powder is still a brown.
The perfect shade for me would be a golden brown as I have brown eyebrows but warm tones of brown (I have Auburn hair; basically brown with golden sheens of orange and red - Go ginge!)

This is great for achieving natural looking brows and it has a bargain-ness price tag!


  1. these look nice but do they sell them in Superdrug?

  2. I'm not sure; their stands have a lot of products but I'm not sure whether I have seen these x

  3. I may just have to look for the golden brown shade!

    I think you can get these in semi-chem!


  4. this looks great! :)
    i hope they do sell it in superdrug so i can have a nosy!:)

  5. nice i am always looking for new ways to tame my brows :)

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  6. Ooh i'd love to try this! My Rimmel pencil is just about to run out and although it's been good i do like trying out new stuff x

  7. This looks really good! Great price too! New follower!

    Millie xxx


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