Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Ins and Outs / Update

I was thinking about writing this post earlier but then thought 'Best leave it to the end of the month, like the others'... and I've just realised it is the end of the month! I'll be sitting my January exams in a blink of an eye.

  • Yesterday I paid for my exam resits and Friday I will be able to pay for my revision guides. Some of you know that I've been having money problems recently and this is a huge weight off of my shoulders!
  • Following on with the school topic, I got my Psychology exam paper back. I asked to get it back because I didn't do so well and wanted to see where I went wrong. I was confused as to why I done so bad because the answers were all standard with a handful of them getting full marks. Found out that the grade boundaries were really high for this paper (50% getting you only an E). The next thing that really confused me was the last question. I got 0/12 and yet I fully and clearly explained my answers? I went to speak to my teacher and she said that she found out the night before and was absolutely fuming because I should have least got 6 marks. She's wrote a letter of complaint to Edexcel or whoever, demanding them to mark the last question.
  • I received a new bank card; Visa instead of my previous baby Solo. I'm so excited as I can now purchase products in Accessorize with my card! I don't know why Accessorize wouldn't accept my card when every other store did.
  • I have some shoes in the post! Again, this relates to the money problems. I only had one pair of dolly shoes to last me a month and a half (because that's when I would have spare money) and they are falling apart. New Look had free delivery but the only shoes that were under £8 (that's all I had) weren't very nice. I then looked on eBay and found a nice pair from New Look for £5.99 :) So I now have shoes to last me until November!
  • 18th birthday party Saturday... need I say more?!
  • I won two give away's today! One prize is a MAC lipstick (I chose Chatterbox because I like the finish and it's a bright pink; I can use less product to create a toned down pink) and the prizes from the other give away include a mascara, 17 Mirror Shine lipstick and Barry M Limited Edition Nail Paint (Along with other bits and pieces)
I feel as though people may be annoyed at this? Because a fair few people have said 'She always wins!'
I enter quite a few give away's (Like most) and don't win a huge percentage of them.
I've only won a couple from my fellow bloggers and a couple from companies. Yes I have had some luck in the last month and although I can't help winning, I feel bad that people may be getting annoyed with me.

  • Dry lips. I never get dry lips but have this week and I don't like it at all!
  • No clothes because of no money. I've been wearing the same two pairs of jeans and three hoodies for the past three weeks (Of course regularly washed!)



  1. lucky you winning giveaways!i never win either but all the people holding it deserve the followers:)
    i hate exams (urgh!)good luck with your resit!<3

  2. Well done on winning the giveaways! I think sometimes you just get on a winning streak :) x

  3. So lucky!! :) I'm just jealous haha!
    Hope they sort your marks out, exam boards are a right pain! And good luck with your resits :D
    - beth x

  4. Its unfair if people think that of you just because you are lucky.
    I think it's amazing how you manage your money so well, your very thrifty :P.
    Good luck with your resits your deserve it, you obviously have put a lot of hard work in.. I hope that the examiner responds that your teacher mailed too. Giving you no marks when you should have had at least 6 is awful!! Silly examiners :(

  5. you are a lucky girl winning some lovely giveaways (:! have fun at the party!xxx

  6. Well done on winning the giveaways! I won two and people were saying the same things about me! lol Don't worry about it! It's not your fault! lol x

  7. I'm not angry with you,
    Just jealous of your very good luck!
    I'm just extremely unlucky you see


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