Saturday, 18 September 2010

Impulse Very Pink Body Fragrance

Impulse say: "Feel fruitlitious with New Impulse Very Pink. A sparkling blend of pink grapefruit with a sweet base of vanilla scents that will inspire the most romantic gestures. Spray it all over your body and enjoy it's captivating scent!"

My thoughts: I, like many others, buy and enjoy Impulse fragrances regularly so when I received this, I wasn't sceptical at all. My favourite scents are fruity and sweet, with vanilla being at the top so I really like this (& will be buying when this one runs out!). Scents are really hard to describe but I agree with Impulse, it smells exactly how they have described it.
This will be available in Superdrug, 29th September and as we all know, Impulse is very affordable so what have you got to lose?



  1. Sounds yummy! I've got to try this :)
    I've always got some form of impulse buried somewhere in my bag haha!!
    - beth x

  2. I always have a couple of Impulse sprarys on the go. I've been using them for years! This one sounds lovely and they're such good bargains. x

  3. Ooh, this sounds lovely! Anything fruit scented gets a thumbs up from me! xx

  4. Ooh i love Impulse sprays! This one sounds lovely (i also love anything fruity smelling). Have you tried Charlie Touch? It's very fruity and says it has a 'vanilla musk' to it :D x

  5. Christina: Oh no I haven't, I've got a few Charlie fragrances which I like so will have to go check this one out! x


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