Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Sleek Professional 21 Piece Brush Set Review

Last week I received my prize from a Sleek competition. I was going to use the brushes for a week, wash them and use them for another week but I have fully developed my thoughts on them so I think it's time! I also washed a few earlier today so I can tell you how they hold up.

My camera is playing up so unfortunately I haven't got photos of the individual brushes, but I will soon!

I'll start with the positives: I like all of the small brushes, especially the light brown ones as they're so soft yet dense.
The light brown small concealer brush is perfect for filling in my eyebrows. There is an eyebrow brush - slanted, black and firm but I prefer to use a softer one.
There is a small (Yep you've guessed it, light brown!) rectangle brush perfect for lining your eyes.
The lip brush, also light brown is very handy as it slides in and out of a silver lid, so you can pop it in your bag and touch up throughout the day.
The foundation brush is very soft and firm, making it perfect for application.

Now for the bad:
I really don't like the powder brush and blusher brush; the two largest black ones. They feel quite scratchy (Especially compared to my ELF Studio brushes) and the first time I used the powder brush, it shed three hairs! Since I've had my ELF Complexion brush, it hasn't shed one.
I then washed the powder brush earlier and yet three more hairs fell out (I was extremely gentle with the brush too) but the most horrendous thing about this brush is this:

The colour ran! Can you believe that? As soon as the brush made contact with the water, black water just kept coming out.

This is such a shame because the other brushes are great, it's just these black ones which:
1. Are slightly scratchy
2. Shed hair
3. Turns everything black when comes into contact with water!

Overall, I rate this set as 60-70% positive. I know 30% negative for 2 or 3 brushes might sound steep, but you have to consider that powder and blusher brushes, to me, are the two most important brushes to have in a set.



  1. that's quite disapointing...
    i wonder how much the set will cost once sleek release it?! i haven't seen any other high street cosmetic brands which have released one whole set of brushes - many sell individual ones but not a whole package deal.. xx

  2. Sherrie: I definitely would, I've had mine for quite a few months now and not one hair has shed. They are also the softest brushes I have come across.. oh and affordable :) x

  3. Oh, Such a shame these looked and sounded great! :( The others sound so good shame about the others, Do you know how much the set will cost? are they selling brushes individually or just as a set?? xx

  4. I was just going to say that I was v v jealous of your win, I feel dissapointed for you - I hate getting something new & it turns out not to be all its cracked up to be! Maybe i'll try some ELF ones instead, rather than waiting for the Sleek set!

    Daisy x

  5. Nicola: I think Sleek will be announcing the cost in the next few weeks and as far as I'm aware, they are selling them in the set, but I'm sure they will sell them individually in no time. x

  6. Shame about the brush leaking and stuff :\ i know what you mean about getting used to the ELF brushes.. i used my old blusher brush the other day and i was like : 'Why is this so rough!!' i never noticed before haha! x

  7. that sucks these brushes would have fooled me they look awesome

  8. I don't like the look of that colour run its not very good is it :(


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