Saturday, 13 November 2010

Someday Summary

Hello my lovelies! Hope you're doing well :)

This week has been a happier one for me, woop!

Purchase of the week:
Sleek haul and Nubar 2010 (Which has already arrived). Later today I might do a quick preview post on Nubar 2010 because I have some photos, but I would like to get better ones :)
Sleek's 50% off sale... woaaah, what a curfuffle! Because thousands of people were trying to get on the site, it was going extremely slow, kept crashing and was emptying baskets. Sleek received a lot of abuse, which I think was unfair (But then again, people were trying to order for hours/days so I can understand their annoyance) and they were giving us 50% off! We're lucky we got anything at all! Sleek were kind enough to give us an extra day of the sale. Next time I think they should give each time zone a different sale day, then we're not going to have America, United Kingdom and Europe all trying to get on the site at once.

Food of the week:
Not technically a food but BBQ sauce! So good!

High point of the week:
I've had quite a few actually :) I received a cardigan and silver button necklace from Tesco, my Nubar 2010 arrived (I keep mentioning this haha) and this morning I received a hugeee package from Superdrug. Included was 6 Maybelline lipsticks, 2 Maybelline eyeshadows, Maybelline mascara, 7 Mememe nail polishes, 4 Collection 2000 mascaras and 4 Collection 2000 felt tip eyeliner pens. Reviews coming soon (Lipsticks reviewed in previous post)

Oh and I've made $22.20 commission from people using my Sigma link when purchasing! I'm so happy!

Another high from this week is Psychology! This has been in my low points for weeks and although I haven't improved much yet, I'm making progress. I won a game in Psychology as I answered all the questions right and although this doesn't seem like a big deal, it is to me. Another thing is that I had my first mentor meeting with my Psychology teacher Thursday (One on one help) and we decided that my good qualities are: I understand the work, I'm focused in class and I'm organised. My bad quality is that I'm not motivated at home, so we've come up with a few techniques to help this :)

Low point of the week:
Tons of homework and RAIN D:

We heart it time:





  1. It was Sleek's fault they kept crashing, they were poorly prepared for the sale, which they had even forgotten promising. The amount of likes they had and their popularity on youtube and blogs should have let them know they weren't going to get just a handful of orders during the sale. I didn't even bother trying, I love Sleek products, but I really hope they organise this better if they ever do it again.

    I think it's only fair that people who spent hours, or even two days trying to order get a chance to moan about it.

    Can't wait to see the Nubar 2010 pics :D

  2. same thing happened a few weeks ago when were having a 3p sale on dresses. was utter madness. i never managed to get one :( x


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