Monday, 15 November 2010

TRESemmé No Frizz Smoothing Serum

Price: £4.29 or currently on offer 2 for £6 at Superdrug.

'Helps to instantly smooth and calm frizz, leaving hair softer and healthier with great shine. Also helps protect hair before and after drying and helps prevent split ends.'

When I hear the word 'serum' I instantly think 'miracle in a bottle!' as I'm sure most of us do. With those claims ^ this certainly sounds like one.
These products are always hard to review because how do you know it protects your hair before and after drying? and helps prevent split ends? You don't, but you know it's doing something.

I pump two pumps into the palm of my hand and with the ends of my hair, I 'paint' (The ends of my hair are the brush and the serum is the paint, kapeesh?)
You expect a product like this to feel greasy, but it isn't. First of all you think it's greasy, because it's a liquid, but it leaves no greasy residue on your hands.

Instantly, my hair feels extremely soft and feels/looks healthy.
This product just works.
I don't know if it protects my hair or prevents split ends, but I know it's doing something positive and I'm going to continue using it :)


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