Saturday, 20 November 2010

Little shop!

I haven't been in town for ages! For the last couple of months I've had to buy school revision books and equipment but from now on, the money I earn can be spent on myself :)
I love this time of the year as all the Christmas stalls are out with pretty scarves (3 for £5, getting some next time), home made fudge and massive frying pans filled with noodles, chicken and all things yummy.
I'm in desperate need of a whole new wardrobe and I'm slowly getting there. Next week I'll buy a coat, week after, jeans, then hoodies, then tops, then underwear.

H&M T-shirts- 2 for £7.99
Primark grey pumps- £4
Primark thermal socks- £2.50 for 2 pairs. Love these, they're so thick and warm!
Primark balconette purple lace bra- £5
Primark plunge grey lace bra- £5

There are tons of pjs I want from Primark, including snoopy ones. The night wear is the best part of Primark :)



  1. Love that purple bra! Can't believe it's Primark! Great haul :)
    Love Sriya x

  2. I got the Mickey & Minnie hoody from the night wear section but I wear it as a normal hoody cos it's so cuuute x

  3. these bras are so cute!!! I have to check them out in Primark!

  4. I love the socks! Never bought any bras from primark coz i wasn't sure how much they could be trusted not to fall apart, but they are all so lovely xxx

  5. Heather-Louise: Most of my underwear is from Primark and they last well :)

  6. I really need to get through to Glasgow and do some Primark shopping. Those bras look great and only a fiver xx


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