Saturday, 31 October 2009

Some of my mums makeup - swatches

Most of my mums makeup bag consists of old cheap makeup which I have gave her because I don't want it anymore, but there are a few items which are quite nice - mainly because me or my nan have bought them for her as she can not afford to buy luxuries for herself.

Here we have BodyShop's Liquid Lip Colour in 14 Bronzed, Maybelline's Lip Gloss in 05 Fuchsia Jewel, Primark's Lip Gloss in Sundae and Maybellines Watershine Lipstick in 110 Sequin Mauve.
My mum has had the Maybelline Lip Gloss and Lip Stick for years so I don't think these products are available any more although I think I have seen the Lip Stick on Ebay.

BodyShop's Eyeshadow's in 15 Pebble Grey and 31 Peacock Green. Peacock Green on top in swatch.
I really like these eye-shadows.

Collection 2000's Dazzle Me's in 6 Fairy Dust and 9 Enchanted.


  1. I like the bodyshop eyeshadow in pebble grey! Pretty :) Thanks for the post!
    Emma :)

  2. No problem Emma :) & The colour really is gorgeous :)

  3. I like the collection 2000 pigment in enchanted =) and the body shop colors look so nice! nice swatches

  4. I have quite a few of the Collection 2000 pots, they're really great. Fantastic value for money considering it comes from a budget brand !


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