Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Body Shop's Lip & Cheek Stain

01 Rose Pink

What they say: For a natural looking just blushed glow to the cheeks or just bitten in to a strawberry lips this double -duty product is a must have for the make-up bag. The more you sweep it on, the deeper it gets.

What I say: I have been using my mums for a while now (Since beginning of this year) and normally I wouldn't spend this much on a lip/cheek product but I really like it and have no hesitations of purchasing this myself. The colour in the tube does look quite frightening but when you apply it, it looks very natural.

On the lips: It looks like you have naturally pigmented lips and to get a more intense look, just build up the colour. It looks so natural because it is a stain and doesn't look like you have slapped a load of make-up on. The lasting power is very good as well because it is a stain. I remember applying it one day at about 7am and you could still see the product at 12pm (I didn't check after that so I don't know how much longer it stayed on for). The product obviously did wear away a little but because it was a stain, it still looked natural and didn't give me lipstick lines.
On the cheeks: This does look very scary to put on your cheeks but it blends really well and gives a naturally flushed look.

I personally love this product :)

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