Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Republic Haul :)

Here are a few tops I ordered yesterday from Republic. Delivery is very fast :). Unfortunately I ordered a third but has not arrived because it is out of stock :( Republic should refund my money as soon as possible.
I don't have much money so headed for the sale section. I found:

This top - £5 down from £15. They only had it in a size 6 but I wanted it anyway :) The good thing is that it is an oversized top so it still fits me perfectly!

& This T-shirt. £5 also down from £15.

The other top I was meant to get was £5 down from £25! It was really nice as well :(
I won't be going on Republic's website for a while now because I have no money and don't want to be looking at things I can not have. They will also be sold out by the time I do have money.


  1. I love that first top - shame about the other being out of stock, sorry!

  2. I love the first top! I have a soft spot for strips ^^


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