Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Make-up brush guard roll

After reading Carrie's post, I went straight to eBay and bought a roll of make-up brush guard myself. For those of you who don't know, brush guards help protect your brushes and keep them in shape. I normally use them after I've washed my brushes, so the bristles dry into a neat, condensed shape. This roll of brush guard allows you to cut off the exact amount you need for each individual brush. 
I paid 99p, including delivery, for this roll, which is a bargain. The eBay seller I bought mine from is no longer selling them, but if you type 'make up brush guard' in to eBay, similar rolls will pop up.


  1. I've seen this a few times now and really think its something I should invest in, a lot of my brushes just sit in the bathroom and don't get used so maybe I could put a little coat on them like this!

  2. this is really clever ive ruined so many brushes in the past thanks for posting

  3. how clever i could do with some of this :)


  4. Aw I love the purple guards, I can't believe I missed these! Shame the seller no longer stocks them.
    Thank you for linking back to me by the way :) xx


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