Sunday, 22 April 2012

Outfit of the Day - Dorothy Perkins and Topshop sale items

Sequin daisy jumper - Dorothy Perkins
Blue knitted cardigan - Topshop
Dark blue skinny jeans - New Look
Navy plimsolls - New Look

I like pairing this jumper with bright blue cardigans. Daisies remind me of blue skies, bright green grass and happy times :) The jumper was £12 down from £23. I ordered it in sizes 8 and 12, so I could see which one fitted me better and then return the other. They're definitely on the large side, so I kept the 8. The Topshop cardigan was £10 down from £40 (£9 with student discount). I'm not a huge fan of Topshop. I think a lot of their items are ugly and overpriced. I like this cardigan, though, and it was cheaper than similar cardigans I've seen in H&M, and even Primark (Primark knitwear seems to have increased in price). 
Time to get back to my assignment! I hope you're enjoying your Sunday.


  1. Great sale bargains, and I totally agree that Topshop has some bizarre stuff and that Primark is sneakily increasing prices x

  2. i love your tshirt , i really like the cardi too looks great together :)

  3. I love the cardigan, though I'd never have paid full price for that in Topshop... you got a good bargain though1 :)

    Frances xx

  4. Love that t shirt! Its so spring time like :) aha xxx


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