Saturday, 6 April 2013

Windowsill Makeover!

Big photo - Before. Small photos - After.

Hello! So, today, I finished my windowsill makeover. I got rid of my old, mouldy, terracotta plant pots, and replanted my plants into bright, metal buckets (for the most part). The buckets are from this eBay seller. The 10cm small, cream buckets with floral designs on them were £1.60 each, the 13cm buckets were £2.10 each, and the 16cm buckets were £2.90 each. With some of them, I just put smaller plastic pots inside, but with others, I replanted straight into them. With these ones, I got my dad to drill holes in the bottom (I don't want the roots of my plants to rot!). P&P is £2.30, so it can be quite expensive if you're just buying 1 or 2. I ordered all of mine together and combined the postage, so P&P was just £3.30 for the lot. The ceramic pots (you can see a yellow one in the first small photo) are from Tesco and already come with plants in them. These are usually £3. I had a hard time finding the plant pot saucers. The only ones I could find were either plastic orange ones, or stupidly large ones. I went to Buyology today and found the ones in the photos. These were 79p for 5. They're a nice colour, the perfect size, and are 100% natural. This means that they'll only last 2-3 years, but I don't mind. I'll just buy more! The mug you can see in the first small photo is a Cath Kidston one, and I found it in a charity shop yesterday for just 50p. I'm not using it as a mug at the moment because I have far too many in the cupboard as it is (another obsession of mine... I have many!)

I don't think I'll be buying any more plants now because I have no more room on my windowsill! I only just managed to fit the three I bought today on. Looking forward to getting my own place ;) Not every windowsill will be as crowded as this though! Some may say it's excessive, and I agree with them haha, but I like it! Plants and colours make me happy.

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