Saturday, 5 October 2013

September Update

A selection of photos I've taken recently!

We're into autumn now, which is probably my favourite season when thinking of the stereotypical weather it includes. However, in reality, especially here in Britain, the rain doesn't care what season it is! So I've been having to wear my coat even though the temperatures haven't dropped much yet, resulting in me being hot and sweaty (I HATE being hot. It makes me feel so sick!). My ideal day would be clear skies and cold temperatures. No heat, no rain.

The month of September saw me unintentionally changing my style a little and becoming more autumn/winter appropriate. I used the darker shades of the Superdrug Colour Effects, making my hair darker and redder. A few people noticed this, thinking I'd dyed it properly. One person, who has only just met me, didn't believe I was naturally a ginger. They thought I had brunette hair and had just dyed it an auburn shade. The rich, deep tones I now have seem to have this effect! I also cut in a shorter side fringe to accompany my new, shorter hair. I always seem to go shorter for the colder months. I've also been wearing berry lip shades again, and even building them up to create an intense colour (something I never do - maybe this is a sign of more confidence?). As well as this, I've been buying and wearing jumpers! I love jumpers. The ones I've been buying are all from the men's section of Primark. I love how tightly knitted and baggy they are. Women's ones seem to be more interested in making you look fashionable, so aren't as simple and warm as men's ones.

I upgraded to an iPhone at the beginning of the month, which I've been loving. As you can see from the photos, I'm enjoying buying cases for it! Even though I can't get them off for the life of me. My sister has to do it. I also created an Instagram profile, which you can find here. The camera on the iPhone is so much better than the one on my old phone, so I've been making the most of it!

My uni screwed up my third year modules again. After they sorted the '2 for semester A and 4 for semester B' problem, everything was fine. I then emailed them asking if they could update my timetable, only for them to tell me I couldn't do one of my modules because it clashed with another. So I had to pick something I wasn't really keen on doing. They wouldn't have even told me if I didn't email them in the first place! However, after all this, I'm actually glad I'm doing the module I'm doing. The other one seems really time consuming (more so than other modules), and considering it's only my minor and I have a dissertation to do, I don't want that.

Speaking of dissertations, I'm now back at uni and starting my own! I'm already feeling daunted and stressed. To reassure myself, I've just got to remember that the amount of words equates to that of two modules, and these are split across semesters A and B. Also, as long as I create a timetable and stick to it, I shouldn't fall too far behind. This is easier said than done, though, and procrastination usually sets in. If only you could buy motivation.

September also saw some anniversaries! On the 16th, we'd had Mysti and Mia (the tabby in the photos) for 6 years, and on the 20th, we'd had Buddy (the dog in the photos) for a year! I can't believe it. This means Mysti and Mia will be 7 next year :( I don't want them to get old!

I also started watching Breaking Bad! Everyone was raving about it, so thought I'd see what the fuss was about. Even though I tried spreading the episodes out, I ended up watching them all in a week and a half. Feeling a bit lost now! I'd recommend the show, especially if you like crime dramas.

Until November, my friends (I can imagine that update being filled with my worries and stress).

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