Friday, 22 November 2013

Sinful Colours Easy Going

I'd been wanting to get my hands on Easy Going for a while, but it was always out of stock in my local Boots. There were rows and rows of the shade on Sunday, though, so I picked one up. The 3 for 2 offer meant that I got this £1.99 polish for free, which is even better! I must admit, when I first laid eyes on it, I was a little disappointed. It didn't look anywhere near as pink as it did in the photos I'd seen. However, I now love it. This extremely pale, off-white pink is delicate and chic; aspects I've been prioritising recently. Three coats were applied to achieve opacity, which I can deal with. It's when we get to four that I have a problem. I'd say that it's a little more pink than the photo above is suggesting, but it varies in different lights. It can look more peach in some, and cream in others. I'll apply a glitter topcoat when it starts looking worse for wear; it's the perfect base for it!

What do you think of Sinful Colours Easy Going?

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