Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Rest in Peace, Jacks.

Just 4 months after losing Puddin', we had to say goodbye to our youngest cat, Jacks, on Saturday, 30th November. He was only 4 years old. On the 9th November, he was suddenly in a lot of pain, and was unable to go toilet. We assumed it was something to do with his bladder or kidneys, so took him to the vets. They told us it could possibly be crystals. They then told us his kidneys weren't functioning properly, so he ended up staying at the vets for a few, long, agonising days. When he eventually came home, we were so happy because we were sure he wasn't going to make it. We knew he wasn't in the clear just yet, but we were happy nonetheless. He was his usual cheeky, affectionate self straight away. We weren't sure if he was weeing properly, but after about a week and half, we heard him do a long one. I've never been so happy to hear such news. Then, the weekend just gone, he went back to being in a lot of pain again. We knew then that we had to put him down because treatment was unlikely to work if it didn't work the first time, and we couldn't afford another £800. We took him in, and the vet confirmed that his kidneys were failing and that it would be best to put him down. We said our goodbyes and let him go. He was an incredible cat. We had raised and handled him since birth, so he was very trusting in the hands of humans. We could hang him upside down and he would still be purring. He was also very cheeky, and loved to chase the other cats. I'm glad we had a few weeks to really appreciate him, but knowing we could lose him didn't make us any more prepared.

Rest in Peace, Jacksie.

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