Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Glamour Magazine December 2014 | Free Nails Inc Nail Polish, The Body Shop Gift Card, and 20% off H&M

I don't read magazines because you get more adverts than content. Every now and again, though, I can't resist the freebie, and this month's Glamour is a good'un. For £2, you receive a choice of four Nails Inc nail polishes (there's also a lighter red and purpley navy shade), a 20% off H&M card when you spend £20 or more, a sample of Pantene Pro-V Conditioner, and a The Body Shop gift card. 

I bought the magazine for the latter. On it will either be £3, £15, £100 or £1000. Both of mine have the code 38933, which I've worked out to be £3 from online comments. Still, £3 for a £2 magazine? I'm happy! You can only use it on full priced products, but there's plenty around £3-4 mark. I'm either going to buy a shower gel (RRP £4) or hand cream (RRP £3.50) with mine. There's no point buying something more expensive when there's always a code floating around that'll give you a bigger discount overall. 

One thing I will say, though, is that some people haven't received a gift card, and others have received two, so I think there were issues in production. People have been told to contact Glamour about this, but I'm not sure what's happening there. If you're planning on buying more than one, I'd suggest buying one first and seeing if there's a card inside, and then go back and buy the others (they're likely to be from the same batch).

Will you be buying a copy or two?

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