Tuesday, 3 November 2009

My Hair Colour & Superdrugs Effects Temporary Hair Colour

I haven't been taken the mick out of for my hair colour in agessss and when people do give the odd comment (Normally immature boys 12/13) it doesn't upset me because... ITS A HAIR COLOUR! You here this a lot but its true, who cares what colour your hair is?
I don't get upset by these comments, I get really angry because they can not see how immature they are and I seriously want to put them in hospital, maybe then they'll learn?
My hair colour hasn't affected how many friends I have, how many boys like me but I think it has had some affect on my confidence.

I love my hair colour and would not like to dye it. And also, I have seen so many 'Gingers' dye their hair a dark colour because they don't want to stand out, are not strong enough to ignore the stupid twats who give the comments and have low self esteem. I don't want to be ashamed of my hair colour, why should I be?

But I have seen in Superdrug a wash in wash out hair colour conditioner for 97p. I was thinking about getting the brown shade to tone down my red locks for a while. I've been reading the reviews and their all really good.
I want to get it to experiment really, see how it looks etc...
But I defiantly won't be getting a permanent hair dye as I don't want to be dying my hair all the time and covering roots etc...

Sooo yeaaaah :)
I might do an Ins and Outs post later,
Have a good night :)


  1. If you've seen pictures on my blog, that's my natural hair colour (haven't dyed it in about 18 months) - but when I was at school people always used to call me ginger. Retarded, right? My hair's not even really ginger XD When I was in year 11 I thought 'okay, if you want ginger you can have ginger!' and dyed my hair BRIGHT orange. Haha I actually loved it, I think ginger is a seriously beautiful hair colour! You're right, it's nothing to be ashamed of.

  2. omg! hw dumb of people to do that. You should not bother gurl coz as you said, its just a hair color and its pretty =) But yea going a bit darker for the winter would be a good idea!
    especially if its only temp

  3. I love ginger hair - seriously. I don't even know where the whole ginger thing came from?
    Obviously do what you want.. But (i know people say this a lot, it's getting cheesy) don't hide who you are! The older i get the less i care what others think, i just wish i'd had the same mentality when i was younger.

  4. Sometimes I see people with ginger hair that I really envy the colour of, the really deep auburn-type colour usually. Anyway don't listen to them, if you try and change your hair colour completely that means they've won in a way, but toning it down a bit might be a good idea if you want to try something different :)

  5. red hair is beautiful!! girls would kill to have hair like that naturally. Don't change! Those people are retarded..


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