Friday, 6 November 2009

Superdrug Colour Sensations Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

So yesterday I dyed my hair with Superdrug's Colour Sensations Semi-Permanent Hair Colour in 6:7 Warm Chocolate Brown (£2.93). To me, I can see quite a big difference in the colour of my hair but you always notice the slightest things about yourself don't you?
At school, not many people noticed and the handful that did comment said something along the lines of 'Have you dyed your hair? It looks darker.'
My friends said that it wasn't really a true brown colour, more of a really dark auburn, which isn't that basically brown anyway?
Even though my friends said it wasn't the basic brown you come across, they still really like it.

So is it a good thing that not many people noticed? I think it could be because it must look natural. I didn't want a completely different hair colour that doesn't look natural just so people would notice.

Compared to my natural hair colour ^ This is darker. Also the flash is on so you get to see what I mean about the Auburn shine still being there. You can also see that it is different to what it is on the box but I like it :) I think my Auburn hair does not want to be covered, that's why you can still see the shine of it.


  1. I love the colour and your hair looks so healthy and shiny x

  2. This color looks awesome gurlie! and your hairs so glossy :O

  3. Also if you really want the chocolate brown color to show up on ya hair you should try the Loreal colors as they are amazing =)

  4. Oh wow thanks Shifa, will have to check them out ^^


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