Wednesday, 14 December 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Aka the things we promise to do, but never do for more than a month.
In previous years, I've made multiple New Year's Resolutions. For 2012, I'm just going to focus on one. Maybe then I will actually continue with it!
My New Year's Resolution for 2012 is to exercise. Not exercise more; just exerciseThe word more implies that I actually do some now!
Up until 12 years of age, I exercised like most children; I swam, I rode my bike, I ran (I was actually very good and ran in races. Wish I kept doing it really!). From 12 to 16, I participated in P.E lessons a couple times a week, and up until I was 18, I walked 6 miles to school and back (although I don't think this actually counts). Now, I... walk up the stairs a few times a day? haha
I don't want to start exercising to lose weight, but to become healthier, and maybe tone up here and there.
Have you made your New Years Resolutions for 2012 yet?


  1. I need to exercise too! Maybe go back swimming, I enjoyed that xx

  2. i have so many new years resolutions determined to stick to them next year one of them is to get fit and be healthier

  3. This was my New years resolution last year - I lost 2 dress sizes in 2011. It wasn't always easy - and often very boring - but it has paid off. Just stick with it. You will never regret working out, but you'll regret not doing it! xx

  4. Haven't thought about new year's resolutions yet, but it's usually something similar to yours! Good luck with it!


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