Saturday, 10 December 2011

University - Three months in

I made it through the first term! Yipee!
Lectures in the last few months have been fine and I've understood what has been taught. Two out of three of my modules are a mix between a lecture and a seminar. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal, just like my A Level classes used to be.
Assignments... lets start with the fact that I've managed to complete four! I don't believe in myself when it comes to essays (well, I don't believe in myself full stop!), so I'm proud that I've managed to do them. It wasn't easy peasy lemon squeezy though. To begin with, I found it hard to find the motivation to write them. Towards the end however, I worked hard, because I had no choice. If I worked as hard as I did in the beginning, I would have finished them weeks earlier! I still managed to get them in on time though, so all is good :) Over Christmas, I just have one assignment and a media practical to do (the assignment looks so hard though). Then, at the end of January, I have one exam.
In terms of friends; I have some! I've become close with a girl and a few guys, and they really do cheer me up in our Friday classes, after a long week. We went bowling the other week, which was good (we were all terrible though!), but apart from that, we haven't seen much of each other outside of University. This is because a few of them live hours away and catch the train to Uni. We bought each other Christmas presents and I have a few LUSH products to use up now!
Overall, the last three months have been good! Can I make it to the end of the academic year though?


  1. Good to hear it's going alright :)

    I hate essays, I'm in my second year now so they're becoming a bit more difficult :( Ah well, it will be worth it in the end though, yes?

    I'm sure you can make it to the end of the year :)
    Good luck!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. Well done! stay positive it will work out. Be sure to use your resources (Lectures, Library etc) to there full advantage at times that can be easily over looked.


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