Sunday, 8 January 2012

More sale purchases

In this post, I mentioned that very little caught my eye whilst sale shopping and I only purchased some Lush and M&S products. Since then, I have acquired a few more items from the sales.

Accessorize slippers - £9 down from £18.
I needed some new slippers and I love anything navy, so couldn't resist!

New Look bras - £5 down from £15 and £4 down from £12.
The longline bra makes your boobs look great! It looks like something Rihanna would wear. However, I don't think I can wear it as a top like her because the lace detail will tell people it is a bra. 
The only things I don't like about these bras are the straps. The front half of them are just material, so they cannot be tightened much.

Snow Globe soap, Ice Blue soap, Satsumo Santa bath bomb, Candy Mountain bubble bars and Cinders bath bomb.
I ordered more products from Lush because I wanted to stock up before the sale ended. Apart from the Ice Blue soap, which was £2.95, everything was half price and cost no more than £1.48. I ordered by phone because the sale was no longer available on the website. I will be ordering by phone in the future because they have more products available that way and the staff are so friendly!


  1. Wow, someone's a lush lover! x

  2. Lovely bargains! :)
    Wow I never thought to order Lush over the phone before, I tried for hours to try get sale stuff online.

  3. Those bras look lovely! I've never tried ordering Lush on the phone either, I might have to give it a go! xx

  4. I love the floral bra, I think if it didn't have lace I'd definitely be tempted to try and get away with wearing it as a top xx

  5. Love slippers from accessorize, they are always so so warm!

  6. I love your Lush xmas haul! Nice buys :) xx
    P.S Giveaway on my blog!

  7. I just used Satsumo santa too! I blogged about it as well! Loved it!

    Those are some pretty looking bras! I have yet to try New Look undergarments! Ha xx

  8. I love the slippers :) I've never brought anything from Lush, but everything looks so nice, I may have to try a few things! X

  9. Love the slippers :) what a bargain! The bra's are really cute too, especially the one on the left. And as usual, so jealous of your lush stuff :( xxx

  10. omg I love that long line bra! I have vouchers for new look but havent seen anything I like at all!
    I'm going on the hunt for these!


  11. cute bra's! snowglobe soap is my favourite thing right now! xo


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