Tuesday, 17 January 2012

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Iced Mocha

Price: Around £3.65, including P&P, from joy017 (great eBay seller)
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils can be used as bases, eyeshadows or eyeliners. Iced Mocha is a shade that works well for all of these purposes. It is light enough to be used as an eyeshadow, yet dark enough to define your lower lash line. The pigmentation is fantastic and formula is so creamy, it glides on effortlessly. Iced Mocha has a pearlescent finish and reflects light well, so really brightens up your eyes. I usually use it on my lower lash line, but if I do wear it as an eyeshadow, I have to wear a primer underneath because I have oily eyelids.  If I want more definition, I apply a taupe eyeshadow over the top, on my outer lower lash line, and then Iced Mocha acts as a base. Would I repurchase? Yes, I want to purchase French Fries and Yogurt next :)


  1. This looks so pretty!

    Emily xx

  2. Looks lovely i like the frosty shimmer to it xx


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