Friday, 30 March 2012

Outfit of the Day and Update

White t-shirt - H&M
Blue cardigan - H&M
Indigo super skinny jeans - Primark
Red dolly shoes - New Look

I keep telling you that my outfits are incredibly boring, but you keep requesting Outfit of the Day posts! So, here you are.
I wore this to my English exam today. It has actually been quite cold, even though the sun is shining, so I wish I wore some socks and boots!
Boring outfit, bad quality photo, and beauty products taking over my room in the background - Contender for the best post, ever? I think so ;)

I was going to write a Someday Summary post, but I don't have much to tell, so I thought I'd have a good old natter in this one. 
Let's see... The last few assignment grades I've had back have been good :)
I'm half way through reading Catching Fire, from The Hunger Games trilogy. It's taken me a while to read it because I've been busy with assignments.
I'm going to see The Hunger Games on Tuesday :D Then I'm going bowling and having a few drinks with some friends. I know, I'm totally social now! Kind of...
I've just placed an order with ELF (EyesLipsFace). I wanted to repurchase some favourites before they went out of stock again (Studio brushes, Studio Eyebrow Kit and Mechanical Eyelash Curler). I also bought the Mineral Booster and two Mineral Lip Tints, in Blush and Berry. If you spend over £10, you will receive a Mystery Bag worth at least £10. The code is JACKPOT325. It expires at 9:30am on Monday 2nd April 2012.
I'm also going to be making a few other purchases this weekend, so expect a 'haul'! I've got to pick up a Lush Shampoo Bar I won earlier, and I also want to purchase You've Been Mangoed and Vanilla Puff from them. I'm craving lip stains, so I'll probably pop into Boots and have a good ol' swatching session.



  1. Love your shoes & cardigan :) Hope your English exam went ok xx

  2. I don't think your outfit is boring, its really nice! Your so slim as well! Love the phone case xxx


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