Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Hunger Games tag

I watched Joey Graceffa and Alex Carpenter do this tag, and whilst listening to their answers, I was thinking of my own, so thought I'd turn it in to a blog post! They just referred to the first book, which is what I'm going to do too because I've only read the first one! The other two are currently in the post.

1. What is your favourite book in The Hunger Games trilogy?
Well, I've only read the first one, so... the first one!

2. How long would you last in The Hunger Games?
I get cold easily and hungry fast, so probably not long! If I was raised in one of the districts, I'd probably last a lot longer though, because I would be trained (If raised in the lower numbered districts) or used to having little food (If raised in the higher numbered districts).

3. What was the strangest thing you thought was going to happen in the book, but didn't?
At first, I thought Gale was going to be chosen as a tribute, along with Katniss. I just thought that it would bring an obstacle to the book because they wouldn't want to kill each other. Then, Katniss' and Peeta's relationship develops and this obstacle comes around anyway.

4. How were you introduced to The Hunger Games?
I actually only found out about The Hunger Games a few weeks ago. Everyone was talking and raving about it, so I wanted in! I've heard some people say: "People are only reading The Hunger Games because everyone else is and because the film is coming out" - And? There's nothing wrong with following something good! I'm not going to deprive myself of a great series just because I don't want to be like everyone else.

5. Favourite moment that happens in The Hunger Games?
I love the moment when Katniss goes searching for Peeta and finds him in the mud, and you can just see his teeth smiling at her. I felt a lot more relaxed after she found him because they were no longer alone. I also felt like they were less vulnerable together, even though Peeta could barely walk!

6. Favourite villain?
I can't say a Career tribute, because they're not really the villains in this. I would have to say the people in charge of The Hunger Games. Evil people.

7. Who is your favourite character?
I'm going to be obvious and say Katniss. The book is told through her eyes, so we know her the most, and we are able to share her experiences.

8. What district would you live in?
I would like to live in District 1. The closer you are to the Capitol, the wealthier you are. Also, if I was chosen as a tribute, one of the Careers would volunteer to take my place (Unless I was raised as a Career myself).

9. What was the most emotional moment in the book for you?
At the end, when it was announced that there would not be two winners - The realisation that Katniss and Peeta would not be leaving the arena together.

10. What item from home would you bring into the arena with you?
I don't know! I don't have an item that means the world to me. Maybe a necklace from my nan or mum?

11. What was the most evil plan someone made in the book?
The people in charge of The Hunger Games telling the lie that two people from the same district are both able to win if they are the last ones remaining.

12. What are you looking forward to the most in the film?
Just seeing the characters in my head come to life. I've already seen some photos and Peeta looks just like I imagined him to be. I really hope the film does the book justice!


  1. Can't wait to get my hands on this book sounds so good. on wait on the library though but I hope it doesn't take ages!!

  2. ooh I think I need to do this tag! Enjoy the next two books- I think the second is even better than the first!!! :)

  3. Love the first book! Unfortunately it just goes downhill from there! The ending of the last book is such a botched up job and so rushed, very disappointing really :-/


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