Sunday, 26 August 2012

Affordable Necklace Storage and eBay & Etsy Necklaces

Good evening! I thought I'd show you my new necklace storage I assembled today, which is practical and pretty. I used hardwall hooks, which are very affordable. I bought a pack of six from Wilkinson for just over a pound, but you can get them from a large range of stores. They are also quick and easy to put in. It took me just a few minutes to hammer them all in. They will leave small marks in the wall though, so you may want to consider that.

Half of my necklaces are from eBay and Etsy - They are great places to buy affordable jewellery from. Below are my eBay and Etsy necklaces with prices and links to the listings.

£1.47 - Here

£1.25 - Here

£1.38 - Here

I bought this one from Etsy. If you search 'bronze leaf necklace', a variety of similar necklaces appear. I've just had a look and may have to buy a few of them!

I bought this a few years ago for about a pound, but the seller is no longer selling it. There are some listings at similar prices, but the sellers' ratings aren't the best. Here is a Buy It Now listing from a top rated seller. It's a little more expensive, at £1.95, but it's still very affordable and it's from the UK. Also, this seller has a handful of listings which you can bid on.

Peacock necklace - Again, the seller I bought this from has stopped selling it! And the few listings I've found want £6-8 for it. If you don't mind paying that, here is a listing from a top rated seller (I only buy from top rated sellers) and here is an Etsy listing.
Watch necklace - You guessed it! I can't find a specific auction because I bought this years ago. I feel like such a failure haha. However, there are thousands and thousands of different watch necklaces on eBay and Etsy, and most of them are reasonably priced. This watch necklace is pretty and only £3.29.
Look what I just found on Etsy! The Hunger Games Mockingjay pocket watch necklace! And it's only £4.51.
Oooh, and look! A Harry Potter Golden Snitch pocket watch necklace! Okay, I'm getting too excited now.

I'm now off to buy some necklaces! First stop - Etsy.


  1. This is so cute, i adore the balloon necklace! Love ebay & etsy for jewellery :) x

  2. I love your necklaces & I love the Golden Snitch necklace from Etsy that you posted! :) I also store my necklaces in a similar way, however I use push pins instead :') x

  3. Love all the necklaces you have! I think this is a great way of storing them, you can easily see what you've got and they look really pretty hanging there! Unfortunately I live in a student house so wouldn't be able to use those hooks as it'd leave a mark!. Love the golden snitch necklace too, I'll definitely have to look on Etsy, you've found some amazing bargains.

  4. I love the way you store your necklaces, I have mine pinned onto a cork board but it's a bit too small so they all get tangled as they're piled on top of each other. I also love that Mockingjay necklace! Popped it onto my wishlist! xx

  5. Super pretty! I can't believe these where all so cheap :) Love the little hooks idea I'll deffintely look into buying some one those :) xx

  6. Oh my god! I love the last two! I am buying that watch necklace now! I am on a ban but have money in paypal and so it totally doesn't count :p Love the hooks. I have a rented flat though so can't do that.

    Lizzums x


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