Tuesday, 28 August 2012


I haven't written an update post in months, so you would think I'd have loads to tell you. I don't. My life is a simple one. But here I am, updating you on the few things that have happened recently!

Lets back track to the end of July. I received my first year uni results and I was very happy with them. I achieved two 1sts and four 2:1s. I wish the first year of uni counted towards your overall grade now!

Since July, I've been ill. Two. Whole. Months. First of all, I had a throat infection, along with every other symptom you can think of. Once that eventually went, I acquired another bug or some kind of allergy, because I had this really bad mucus thing. I would go through a whole roll of tissue in 1-2 days. Gross, I know. Sorry about that. Being ill on top of Shadow dying in July means my Summer hasn't been the best. Anyway, it's starting to clear up now, so I think I'm going to be better in time for uni! 

Speaking of uni, again, I found out my timetable for next year today. I'm in 10am-2pm on Mondays and 9am-1pm on Thursdays and Fridays - Not bad! I didn't want any gaps in between my lectures (I didn't want to wait around) and I didn't want to finish late, so I'm happy with my times. I prefer having early lectures over late ones.

I dyed my eyebrows the other day. My mum was dying her hair a chocolate brown, so I borrowed a little and applied the dye with a small make-up brush. I dyed them because the base of the hairs were white, making my brows look sparser than they were. Now, they don't need to be filled in as much.

I had my hair cut on Saturday! 2-3 inches were taken off, so it feels quite short now. My hair's still in my lower back region though. I also had my layers shortened, so now my hair is flicking in every direction possible. They give my hair some shape though!

I've been online shopping a lot these past few days, especially on eBay. In the post, I have an NYX cream blush, a penguin memory stick, a duvet set, some bright leggings to wear around the house and to bed in the Winter, a couple of men's t-shirts to wear with the leggings and three Essie nail polishes from Fragrance Direct. They were only £1.99! I'll post about them when they arrive :)

I'm on a mission to find a simple, and slightly stylish, coat with a hood. I've looked at hundreds and still haven't found one I love! More coats on the British high street need hoods. The few I have found and like are £50+, but I don't want to spend over £50. Maybe if I stop looking, I'll actually find one. Fingers crossed!

On the 31st August, I will have had this little monkey for three years. I love Jessie so much!


  1. So glad you are better and everything is looking up. Great results for year one- it will make year two easier. I had friedns who didnt do well in year one and really struggled year 2. Sorry to hear about Shadow- loosing pets is always hard xx

  2. fabulous results hun! hope you enjoy year two :o) I wish i was going back to uni this year, make the most of it :o) xxxxx


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