Wednesday, 15 May 2013

eBay Makeup Brushes

I was on an eBay bargain finding roll one night when I stumbled upon these. They were cheap, looked good from the images, and reminded me of the Real Techniques ones, so I ordered a few. I paid just £1.54 per brush from this seller. They've now gone up to £2.55, which is annoying, but they're still incredibly cheap! The seller has red, blue, and gold varieties (in different listings). I believe I have brushes 1, 3, and 2 in the photo above. I actually ordered number 4 instead of 3, but I've spoken to the seller and it's all been sorted. So, as well as being cheap, they arrived in 1-2 weeks, which I was pleased about. I'm also happy to report that I really like these brushes! They're really soft, not flimsy, don't shed, and wash well. I've been using number 1 for when I attempt to contour or highlight, number 3 with cream blush or foundation, and number 2 for blush. This eBay seller is the same seller I got my EcoTools Bronzer Brush from, so if you're looking for some affordable, good quality face brushes, I'd definitely check them out!

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