Friday, 13 September 2013

Changing Concealer

I raved about the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer for years, and bought countless tubes of the stuff. I just loved its coverage. I don't look for much else in a concealer because I use a primer to help with ease of application and crease prevention. Then, in January this year, MUA were offering 50% off their entire range, so I decided to add the Cover & Conceal concealer to my basket for just 75p (normally £1.50). It's now been my daily concealer for 8 months, and I'm still on the same tube (it seems like it's never ending!). I tried the Collection one again a few weeks ago, and although great for blemishes, I hated it for redness and under my eyes. I found it so thick and cakey! I'm not used to it after using MUA's light-medium coverage variety. MUA's isn't perfect, though. Like I said, it has a light-medium coverage, so it isn't great at concealing blemishes. It also has a dewy finish, which I don't want around my oily eyes, so I have to set it with a powder. Both concealers have faults (in my eyes, at least), but they work well together. The Collection one for blemishes, and the MUA one for the rest of my face.

I do want to find that perfect all round concealer, though. One that has a high enough coverage to conceal spots, but not so high that it looks cakey on the rest of my skin. I'd also like it to have a normal/matte finish so powder isn't necessary. Do you have any recommendations? I've heard Bourjois and Maybelline have some good offerings.

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