Friday, 20 September 2013

I went to Primark again...

In Tuesday's post, I said I was also going in town twice more this week, so would probably end up buying some more bits from Primark. I was good on Wednesday, but not so much today. I was still restrained, though! The knitted, navy and white striped jumper was from the men's section, just like the one in my last haul. I love it, and it was slightly cheaper than the other, at £12. My sister and I spotted it at the same time, and she nabbed the last XS, so I had to settle for a S. It's big, but it looks okay! Just after I paid for this, I saw a woman walking around with a giraffe onesie, and I had to have one, too! This is the girl's version of Primark's well known giraffe onesie. I've been tempted by the men's one in the past, but didn't like that it had feet, and the colours weren't that appealing. The colours of this one are softer, the material is fleecier, and it doesn't have feet so you can get away with a smaller or bigger size. There were only two left (I hadn't seen them the last few times I'd been in because they were hidden behind another design!), and they were 10-12s. I thought they may be a little too big, but picked one up anyway because I really wanted it and it was only £11. I tried it on as soon as I got home (It was too hot to try it on in store) and it fit perfectly, so I'm happy! It's my first 'proper' onesie. I've had one other in the past, but it was a pyjama one, not a fleece one, so I couldn't wear other pyjamas underneath and be all snuggly in the winter. I'm warming to the idea of these full body dressing gowns!

Have you bought anything from Primark recently? I'd love to see your autumn hauls!

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