Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lush Ultrabland Facial Cleanser

I've been using Lush's Ultrabland Facial Cleanser for a few weeks now, so thought I'd let you know how I've been getting on with it. I've never used a cleanser like this before, and was intrigued by its texture and claims. After reading countless mixed reviews, I decided to just see for myself. Initially, I couldn't detect the waxy scent, so was unsure as to why people disliked it. It was only when I started using it that I knew what they were talking about. It's not the worst scent, but it's not pleasant, either. To be honest, I'm not fussed with scents when it comes to facial products because I'm more interested in the results. The only scent I cannot stand is lavender because it makes me feel physically sick. The texture's also like that of wax, and feels very alien at first, even when it melts into the skin. It removes makeup well, though, with the help of a cloth. It just melts everything away. It also doesn't sting your eyes at all, so you can open them when you're convinced someone's going to murder you in the shower! This is particularly useful when I'm home alone and all kinds of paranoid. After wiping off, you're left with a little, moisturising residue. From reviews, I was expecting a heavy, uncomfortable film, but this isn't the case. Even my combination oily skin appreciates it. I go very easy on the moisturiser after, though, sometimes skipping altogether. Overall, it's a great little cleanser, and has made it into my favourites. I don't know if I'll be rushing out to repurchase when it runs out, though, because I love trying different ones, and have a couple from The Body Shop Camomile range to use next. It's also more expensive than my usual (Superdrug's Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser).

Ultrabland is £6.95/45g and £10.95/100g. Have you tried it?

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