Sunday, 3 August 2014

TRESemme Platinum Strength Shampoo

Shampoo. As long as it cleans my hair and doesn't leave it feeling dry or weighed down, I'm happy. When I first heard of the Platinum Strength range by TRESemme, I thought the claims were far-fetched and that it probably did the same as their others. Then I was running low on shampoo, fancied a change, and this was on offer. A month or so on, and I'm impressed. It cleans my hair, but makes it feel soft at the same time, like I've used a conditioning treatment. It doesn't leave it feeling weighed down or greasy, though. My hair just feels healthier. I rarely have damaged looking hair, especially since I cut most of it off, so don't know how much of the 'reverses the look of up to 2 years of damage' claim is true, but my hair has taken well to this product. TRESemme products are regularly on offer, too, which is even better. Hopefully, my hair won't start to hate it a few months down the line!

What shampoo has impressed you?

Psst, it's also my blog's 5th birthday today!

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