Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Boots Star Gift - No7 Ultimate Collection

The last Star Gift leading up to Christmas is the No7 Ultimate Collection. It's better than half price at £37, down from £75. They've annoyingly increased the price from last year, but you still get £124.45 worth (the box says 'over £130 worth', but I've worked it out to be £124.45). I bought this for the Protect and Perfect Intense creams, which are £23 and £24 on their own. I'm also intrigued to try the rest of the contents in the smaller box. I'm thinking about leaving the products in the larger box and giving as a present, possibly for Mother's Day.

In the No7 Ultimate Collection, you receive:
Protect and Perfect Intense Day Cream - £23
Protect and Perfect Intense Night Cream - £24
Protect and Perfect Intense Hand Cream - £10.50
Beautiful Skin Dry Skin Rescue - £12
Lovely Lashes Mascara in Black - £12.95
BB Lips Beauty Balm in Ballerina - £9
Blissful Body Wash - £7.50
Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion - £9.50
Sumptuous Bath Soak - £7.50
Completely Quenched Body Lotion - £8.50

I think this would make a great last minute Christmas gift, especially because it's packaged so beautifully. Or you can buy it for yourself, like I did!

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